It seemed worth commenting on the cows I am meeting here in Costa Rica. Besides the fact that they have appeared for me here as guides, as friends, and provided humorous connections to people for me (amused by my love of cows,) they are an interesting breed.

Literally – I learned that the cows here are originally from India. So, my first question is who is the person in India that was willing to ship a sacred cow to a country that eats them? If you look carefully, as I did, it seems that the Indian cow has been bred with other types of cows (Heiffers, etc.) to create a sort of quasi-IndiHeiffer. You will see the blotches you know, but their necks have the flat piece of skin from the other breed.

I’m guessing this has something to do with a better ability to live in the very hot climate of Costa Rica? Anyway, thought it was intriguing!

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