Travel For Transformation™

Your new beginning.

It’s time for you to figure out your next steps in life. You can’t do it by continuing to live the same life any longer. If you’re ready to take a bold step, long term travel can help you  explore the world as a way to discover yourself and figure out your next opportunity.

Why Long Term Travel

Exploring the world helps you understand your values your likes, your dislikes and pops you out of your comfort zone.

More and more single people over 40 are turning their frustration, loneliness and career disappointment into an opportunity to see the world. It’s not about running away for a long vacation, it’s about running toward yourself – consciously using travel to transform your life. The richness of personal discoveries, people you’ll meet and self-growth is deeper and more rewarding than almost anything else you’ve ever done.


My journey so far….



Months on the Road


Hi! My name is Heather. After feeling lost for years and years I decided to use travel for my own transformation. In some ways the journey started in Iceland in 2017, but I created the time and space for full time travel in January, 2018. Later than year I went all in, giving up my home to be a full-time traveler. I’ve met amazing people, done amazing things and had heeps of self-discovery, and I’m still going!

BONUS – as someone who loves cows, I’ve gotten to meet some of the most amazing bovines, sometimes even making new friends. 🙂 And, I have gotten to see animals in the wild for the first time! How amazing to see them in their natural habitats instead of caged in a zoo.

I should mention, I’m not a Millenial! I hope to change the belief that it’s too late to break away and live the life you want mid-career, even if it means a radical change.

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Countries I Visited

The World is Waiting For You

If the world and the people in it are calling you, it’s not too late to follow your heart.

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