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Upcoming Talk: October 2020

Topic: Living Your Purpose – My Journey From Corporate To Nomad

Location: Webinar

Organization: The Gryphon Foundation

September 2020

Topic: Pivoting Your Purpose

Location: Webinar

Organization: Gryphon Foundation

August 2019

Topic: Why You Should Quit Your Job to Pursue Your Passion (And How to Do It)

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Organization: COMENSA

Inspiring Audiences Internationally

Heather LOVES to inspire audiences, you should hear her speak!  After more than 25 years in corporate, she left her job to spend a few months doing what she loves – traveling the world and meeting people. She ended up turning a few months into a way of life and is now a full-time nomad. In her three years of globetrotting, she’s been to 6 continents and 25 countries, by herself. She’s been featured in The New York Times and Stuff New Zealand on her nomadic life.

Heather looks forward to inspiring your audience with the lessons she’s learned from solo world travel about living a more meaningful and purposeful life. She also loves to help audiences remove the money blocks standing in the way of living their best life. Her intention is to help you change your present without ruining your future.

Most Recent Talk: October 2020

Topic: How To Afford Full Time Travel

Location: Webinar

Organization: Wealthy Sexy Rebel

February 2020

Topic: Brilliance Based Selling – 5 Keys to Share Your Genius (And Get Paid Well to Do It!) Without Feeling Slimey

Location: New York City / South Africa

Organization: COMENSA

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About Heather

Heather loves inspiring people to action.  Too many of us get stuck in the belief that we have to normalize hating a desk job so we can work 50 years to have enough money to retire and THEN, FINALLY enjoy ourselves. Except that, the reality is, at age 70, you’re not going to be able to enjoy life the same way you can in your mid-life. Worse yet, you may look back at your life and wonder, what would have happened if you had dared to pursue that passion that you put to the side and are now unable to do? Heather seeks to inspire people to see that it’s possible to change your life without ruining your life. Heather will share with your audience how shifting your perspective can help you shift your life.

Photo Credit: Carmen Rubio

Photo Credit: Carmen Rubio

Why Have Heather Speak At Your Next Event?

Heather is entertaining, engaging, and will leave the room inspired. She helps her audiences to know they are not alone in their struggles, and that they don’t have to stay stuck in them.  More often than not, the audience will also be laughing or nodding their heads in shared experiences.  She loves audience participation and questions, too!

Speaking Topics

How To Afford Full Time Travel

Why You Should Travel The World Full Time (And How to Do It)

Living Your Purpose – My Journey From Corporate To Nomad

Brilliance Based Selling: 5 Keys to Share Your Genius (And Get Paid Well to Do It!) Without Feeling Slimey


If you’re looking for an excellent speaker who not only over-delivers, but delivers a great experience (in addition to great information) you simply can’t do much better than Heather.

Heather spoke at my Wealthy Sexy Rebel event, geared to powerful women entrepreneurs. It’s very important to me that my attendees have a professional and inspirational experience, and that’s what Heather delivered. It’s pretty rare to find a speaker that is not only entertaining, but also leaves the audience with a powerful message and the inspiration to take action. That’s what Heather did for us.

If you’re looking for an excellent speaker who not only over-delivers, but delivers a great experience (in addition to great information) you simply can’t do much better than Heather.

Finally, Heather is a TRUE TEAM PLAYER!!  She was so helpful and I loved that she promoted our event as if it was her own event! (super grateful for that!!!)

Lorena Morales

Hola Lorena

If you’re seeking a speaker who knows how to effectively communicate, welcomes questions, interacts with your group or audience, and delivers content your group will find of value, Heather is your gal!

Heather is unique and brilliant herself! I’ve had Heather as a guest speaker twice and I look forward to having her speak again to my network of career coaches and resume writers.

Heather is a breath of fresh air, she’s full of energy, and tells it like it is when it comes to getting real, being honest, and what needs to happen to get on track and make the most of your business.

Heather’s presentations leave no stone unturned on the topic she presents. She’s generous with sharing her business expertise and making sure her audience receives value from the information, strategies, and content she delivers.

If you’re seeking a speaker who knows how to effectively communicate, welcomes questions, interacts with your group or audience, and delivers content your group will find of value, Heather is your gal!

Maria Hebda

The Career Experts

Couldn’t have been a better experience!

Heather’s expertise, preparedness and overall approach to business was not lost on our agents. Everyone walked away with a better sense of direction and will definitely be using her services in the future.

Thanks, Heather!

Sarah Saltzberg

Bohemia Realty

Heather was dynamic and energetic….

Heather was dynamic and energetic using illustrative examples to share her message.  Her passion shines through and I would recommend her as a speaker but I also hope to engage her for her coaching services.

Jodi Samuels


Heather is a fun, energetic speaker who connects to the audience in a super genuine way.

Heather is a fun, energetic speaker who connects to the audience in a super genuine way. She’s open about sharing her own story of going from bull to brilliant, and that’s very reassuring and confidence-inspiring. Her tips and talking points are very clear, she’s really articulate, and I loved how she used some playful props to keep everyone engaged and to clarify her main points. She’s also got a killer sense of humor, and since business and personal development can feel scary and serious, that is a big plus!

Maia Macek

Ladies Salon NYC

Learn about Heather and what set her on her world journey. She also explains why this life is not just for Millenials, it's for anyone that wants to create a life around what they love most in life. 

Listen to an episode of the video interview series that will inspire you to follow your heart. Whether you want to travel full time or have another calling, this series is for you.

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If you've been thinking that there's got to be  more to life than work, or, you've lost your job, and wonder whether now is the time to do something you're more excited about, this quiz will help you. Answer a few questions and get a free guide to help you know the areas you need to work on, followed up with inspirational and helpful tips to put your dreams into action.

Traveling the world full-time may sound glamorous and exhilirating. (In many ways, it is!) But, it's not full-time fun. Before you decide to go, take this quiz to make sure you're ready, and, if not, find out how to bridge the gaps.

This fun quiz helps you understand what your travel personality is, and how to make sure you indulge it when planning your next trip to maximize your enjoyment!

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Most of what's keeping you from what you want - full-time travel, a new business idea, a radical career shift - are your excuses. After one session with Heather, you'll understand which excuses are holding you back the most, how to get them out of the way, and you'll leave with an action plan that helps you set the foundation to pivot into the life you want.

You know you don't like your job, but you can't figure out how to survive without it. Designed for frustrated professionals the program focuses on teaching you the key steps to shifting your work and money mindsets, and giving you the money and work strategies to pursue, leaving you empowered to quit with confidence and see that it really is possible to live happily without a stable job.

Whether traveling full time was your dream before the pandemic, or after, this session will help you understand how to prepare, what you need to know, and how to get your finances in order to make it happen. It's the perfect accompaniment to the "How To Afford The Travel Life" eBook. You'll also get an understanding of both what's great about full-time travel and some of the challenges. You can also discuss planning help, and how to get the most out of your experience.

It's always been essential to understand your money, but if you've lost your job due to the pandemic, now it's even more important that you create financial empowerment. In this session, Heather will work with you to first understand your gaps in managing your money, then she'll help you with the framework on how to ensure you can afford the life you dream of. You'll get tips to save and budget, and also discuss ways to earn money that will shift you out of feeling like a victim of the times, to seeing the opportunities in front of you to begin making money in a different way.

You want to quit and travel full time, but when can you go? This eBook gives you all the formulas you need to calculate when you can quit and afford the travel lifestyle you want, in under and hour.

Thanks to the pandemic, we've all had a chance to ask the question, "what now?" If you've decided it's time to quit your 9-to-5 to travel full time (or take it with you while you live nomadically), this program will help you address the core mindset, money, and planning gaps you have. This is the program that will help you acknowledge and overcome your fears about what's next, figure out how to afford and sustain your travels, and feel confident about planning your adventure. Book your free session to see if you're a fit!

You're finally serious about traveling full time, but you cannot figure out how you'll afford it. Or, you're just curious whether it's really even possible to afford the lifestyle. Bootcamp is for you! We'll go dive deep into savings strategies before you go, how to save on the road, and how to sustain your travels, as well as look at lots of work opportunities if you want to work while you travel! Includes a 3-day build your budget challenge to get you thinking about how to replace dreams with real logical steps to make it happen.

You've dreamed about traveling full time for as long as you can remember, and now you've learned that it's a little more challenging than you thought. Get help getting through the initial shock and changes when you realize you're not on vacation. Learn how to manage those experiences where you meet parts of yourself long forgotten, and create a plan to help you have the best experience with your journey.