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The Inspirational video series is here!

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Welcome! Join me as I discover the rewards of leaving behind stability for a life of discovery. Each interview is with someone who left stability after they were 40 years old to pursue a more satisfactory life. My goal is to inspire those of you over 40 who yearn to break away from a life that’s crushing your heart and soul to travel, but think you can’t, to think differently and go do it!

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Latest Interview:

Episode 1 – May 2019. Photographer Noah Sorensen and I chat in the Atacama desert about life on the road. Noah is a working nomad – honing his craft and business as he goes. Noah gives really great, honest feedback about what it takes, and the good and the bad – he doesn’t pull any punches, and it’s a great interview!

Episode 2 - June 2019. Join Laura Oates, fellow wandering nomad and I. I found this interview so fun - really got to see a lot of my own experience and put more meaning to it through Laura explaining her reasons for traveling and what she's looking for, and found. If you're frustrated in your career or on the fence about full time travel, this is a great one to listen to.

Episode 3 - Jessica Fradono. Jessica has been traveling for two years! Join us for a great discussion about her amazing journey and great perspectives on different ways to travel abroad and important sacrifices you make when you travel full time. AND, the truth about how rich you need to be to have this life.

Episode 4 - Julie London. Join Julie and I as we have a talk about the basics. How to plan to travel long term, saving money, health insurance and more! If you're looking for some practical tips, you'll love this video.

Episode 5 - Kathryn Pottruff. This woman is one tough firecracker! She uprooted and changed her life and changed herself in the process. You'll love hearing from her.

Episode 6 - Richard Silver and I speak about an interesting option if you don't want to travel alone, thoughts on failure (this is a big fear that can come up when quitting a job) and more epiphanies about long term travel.

Episode 7 - Nadine Hays Pisani. I am so honored and excited to have interviewed Nadine Hays Pisani, author of the "Happier Than a Billionaire" series and all-around-amazing human being. I was blown away by all the epiphanies we discussed about living happier and how leaving stability is the start of it all.

Episode 8 - Heather Markel Join me as I finally tell you MY story! This one is filmed in Huacachina, Peru, and has some fun insights about why now is the time to follow your dream and what happens when you do.

Video #9 - Lilli Mixich Join Heather and Lilli who is a fascinating German woman that left stability to travel in Africa, in her car! She has great insights about life and making this travel/nomad life work long term, and insight on traveling solo.

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