SUP Cups For Sustainable Travel

While marooned in Kerikeri, New Zealand, I discovered this company. They personally delivered my first cup, right to my door! I fell in love with the cups for daily use and to travel more sustainably!

SUP NZ is a wonderful small business located in Kerikeri, NZ. I love seeing their cups as I travel throughout the country. My first cup was the 12 oz cup, and I also got myself an 8 oz cup for when I want to take up less space in my bag. What I absolutely love are the features. First, the inside is made with stainless steel. Having tried a competitor’s cup, where the inside was a bronze-y color, I can tell you the stainless steel wins for two reasons. First, it doesn’t rust and discolor if you don’t get a chance to wash your cup out for a day or so. Second, it doesn’t interfere with the delicious taste of your coffee like some other cups do. The other awesome part about these cups is the lid. There’s a sliding plastic piece that seals your cup and along with the double walled structure, and my coffee stays warm for over an hour if I need that long to drink it.

I’m so excited to be able to promote them and offer you a 10% discount if you use codeMarkels Sparkle“! (Full disclosure – I will also receive a small amount of compensation for your purchases.)

PLEASE NOTE – prices on the store website are in New Zealand dollars! If you’re paying in US dollars, it’s about 2/3 the listed price.

Hand Care Cream

12 Oz Cup

8 Oz Cup


Fits a medium sized flat white – the perfect size when you want a larger cup of coffee, a cup of juice, a smoothie, etc and you want to avoid wasting paper or plastic cups. Comes in a lovely canvas drawstring bag, easy to clean, I take mine everywhere!

This is the smaller version of the cup and perfect when you have less room in your bag, or only drink smaller sized coffees or drinks. Same great keep warm and easy clean qualities.

Need a sponge to clean your cup, or a straw, or an extra lid? Check out the accessories page for everything you need.

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