How to Afford The Travel Life – Action Guide

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Whether you’re in a dead-end career, or just want a more fulfilling life, this book will help you take your finances into your own hand and create a budget that helps you live your way. Full of practical, easy steps to help you turn your dream of traveling full time into a reality. Scroll down for a full description. Note – this is a “name your price” product.

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You yearn to quit your job to travel the world full time, at least for a while, before you get too old to enjoy it the way you can right now. (And before some of our world leaders turn the world into a formidable place.)  The problem is, you don't have enough money, and you think it's even more expensive than your current life. Actually, you're not sure what it really costs to travel full time, so you don't know where to begin! 

Enter the "How to Afford the Travel Life Action Guide"! This eBook will share easy, practical ways for you to figure out not just how much money you need to be able to quit your job to travel, but also formulas to help you determine how close you are to having enough money to jump ship. Once you complete all the exercises, you'll understand the thinking process to apply, and the math you need to calculate a realistic budget and savings plan.

I've been full time traveling the world since January, 2018. I thought my budget would last 3 - 6 months. Instead, it's lasted more than two years. I learned as I went, and figuring out costs and budgeting were essential to my extending my travels. I share with you the same strategies and formulas I use myself. 

This eBook will take your dream of full time travel (or pursuing your passion) ten steps closer to becoming a reality! 

What's Included:

  • 40 pages of practical guidance, travel and budget tips, and worksheets
  • step-by-step formulas showing you how much money you need to travel full time.
  • A feeling of empowerment as you realize that you can take control of your finances and direct them toward the life you want, without waiting until retirement to do it!
  • Formulas to help you determine if you have enough money now, and, if not, how to figure out what to save and for how long
  • worksheets to calculate monthly and per diem budgets
  • strategic thinking points to help you understand the logic behind planning your finances



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“Heather’s laser sharp inner vision helps her see right to the heart of any matter.”

Heather’s laser sharp inner vision helps her see right to the heart of any matter. She then breaks it down into workable, bite-size bits and presents them clearly in an empowering manner. Her passion for her work and her infectious can-do attitude cannot help but inspire. She’s been a valuable business sounding board for me, offering a fresh perspective and practical no-nonsense suggestions. Her coaching clients have truly found someone both well-suited and equipped for the job – she’s a natural!

PJ Hughes Founder/Flowerchi

Copy of Thank you for your very GENERIOUS SHARING...

Thank you for your very GENERIOUS SHARING and great insight, MUCH appreciated.

Gail Mervis Coach Member/COMENSA

Heather is exceptional in every way.

Heather is exceptional in every way. Tireless, ever upbeat, multi-talented, and organized, she motivates and impresses me constantly.

Jesse DiValli PhD Student, Social Science Environmental, Editor

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