Not Just Another Travel Blog

When I started this blog in 2018 it began as a chronicle of my experiences on the road – letting go of the life I knew and discovering a new one. After a year on the road, I realized that my own journey is one that many others are taking, or want to take. I realized that what I’ve been doing is using Travel for Transformation™ – taking journeys and plugging in to self discovery, asking the difficult questions about who I am, how I am and why I am the way that I am.

The information I share with you is first hand. I’ve ridden the buses, the trains, stayed in the hostels and hotels, eaten at the restaurants. And, I’ve thought about how to make this journey more than just a long vacation. I’m sharing with you both location-specific knowledge, and self-awareness guidance. The blend of the two is what I call Travel for Transformation™.

Unlike other travel bloggers, I’m not on the road for a few weeks and then going home to tell you about it. I’m on the road for indefinite periods with no pre-planned itinerary or idea of the exact date I’m returning home. I’m blogging while I travel, in the moment, with my observations. I’m developing tools for you that I’m using myself, and sharing those with you. I’m not traveling with a group, I’m taking the journey on my own, meeting new people along the way and figuring out logistics as I go.

Who It’s For

My goal is to help those of you out there looking to discover more in your life through self-discovery. You’ve got around 20 years left in that career of yours, going nowhere. You know you can offer so much more, but you can’t figure out how in your current career. Worse yet, you don’t know where else to bring your specifc set of skills and talents.

I want to change the belief that only Millenials get to be the only ones to go out in the world and live in it as a means of discovery or as a way of life. This site was made thinking of all of you out there that are single, over 40, wanting to use long-term travel as a way to figure out your next steps in life. You can sludge along in a decaying career for another 20 years, or you can recreate your career by first recreating yourself.

Hello, I’m Heather.

— Explorer, Adventurer, Photographer, Speaker, Fun Maker.

After spending my life doing so many different things (working in corporate, being a business consultant, running an Expat Coach Association, leading a Business Referral Group, designing handbags and jewelry….) I ended up feeling like 20 different people and lost sight of who I am. I think we spend so much time trying to figure out “what we want to do” in life that we forget the more pivotal question “who do you want to be” in life? Oh, and I’m not a Millenial. I had to buck all the “you’re too old to do something like this” beliefs and go for it. So, I’m on a journey to figure out my own answer to that question and this website will be a documentation of that journey.

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