Why would someone, pre-Great Resignation, give up their stable corporate job to travel the world, and then transform their life? Find out in Heather Markel's chapter "How Following My Heart Changed My Life." 

Voices Of The 21st Century features inspirational stories from women around the world. Now an international best-selling title.

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Heather is a New York Times featured full time traveler. She quit a 25+ year in corporate to follow her heart. Since January, 2018, she's been to 27 countries on 6 continents, and was blessed to be marooned in New Zealand for two years during the pandemic.

During her 4 years as a solo, full time traveler, she's conquered fears, overcome personal limitations, met amazing people around the world, and learned more than any classroom could teach. And, she's not done yet!

After years of believing her dreams weren't realistic, she finally had the courage to try and live them, and shifted her reality from pain to joy. She now helps others with a dream to travel full time learn how to make that dream a reality.

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My new go-to for inspiration and motivation

What a wonderful, inspiring book. The chapters are short and easy to read, and each one is moving in its own way. I will be picking up this book and reading a few chapters anytime I’m feeling low. I especially enjoyed Heather Markel’s essay- “How Following My Heart Changed My Life.” I can totally relate to the problem of making choices in order to please others, and how when it finally hurts enough, you do what’s best for yourself. Her tales of her learning to live life without the constraints of corporate life or an apartment make me want to quit my own job and start exploring the world!

Rob Fortier

A book of wisdom and empowerment

Reading these women’s stories warmed my heart and was truly inspiring to see how their struggles, fears and creativity made a difference. Heather Markel's, "How Following My Heart Changed My Life,” shows readers to have faith in yourself - feel the fear and move out of your comfort zone. Take a leap, follow your heart and the world can be your oyster.


I found the snapshot introductions to these powerful women appealing

I found the variety of topics shared, and the snapshot introductions to these powerful women appealing. I especially resonate with Heather Markel’s chapter “How Following My Heart Changed My Life”. I have followed Heather’s journey for many years. She is authentic in her seeking nature- to know not only herself but others. Heather is connecting us all through her travels and travails.”

Deborah LaRusso

A bucket-load of inspiration

I feel like this is one of those magical books where you can let it fall open to a page and discover a brave or uplifting or challenging or heart-warming story. I began with Heather Markel's, "How Following My Heart Changed My Life", which spoke to the dissonance that many of us feel between head and heart, between the expected and the unexpected, and, most importantly, between moving beyond others' expectations of us to fulfilling our expectations of ourself. Whether that inspires the reader to travel, as it did the author, or simply to find the courage to lift towards what brings us joy, this story (and undoubtedly all of the stories in this wonderful collection) fuels the imagination and nudges the spirit.



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