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TEDx – The Benefits Of Living Nomadically


New York Times

Heather is one of the people featured in this article about nomadic life.

Date: February 21, 2020

Interviewed by: The New York Times

Topic: How To Be An Expatriate in 2020

United Press International

Heather is interviewed about the growing popularity of female solo travel.

Date: February, 2024

Interviewed by: Dana Forsythe

Topic: More Women Embracing Independence of Solo Travel

The Independent

Heather is interviewed about the trend (yes, it’s a trend!) of people quitting their job to travel the world solo.

Date: May, 2022

Interviewed by: Lucy Thackray

Topic: When Solo Travel Met The Great Resignation

Desire As Medicine

In this conversation, you’ll discover the insights, challenges, and wisdom gained from Heather’s journey to life on her own terms, and learn how you can also embrace a life of adventure and authenticity.

April 2024

Interviewed by: Brenda & Catherine

Topic: Self-Discovery Through Solo Travel

The Uplifters

In this conversation, you’ll discover the insights, challenges, and wisdom gained from Heather’s journey to life on her own terms, and learn how you can also embrace a life of adventure and authenticity.

November 2023

Interviewed by: Aransas Savas

Topic: The freedom and joy of full-time travel

Soaring Prophets – Full-Time Travel Life

I talk to Pat and James and boy did we have fun! We covered what it’s like to live the full-time travel lifestyle, how to get started, what it was like being marooned in New Zealand for two years, and some other fun and saucy topics!

October 2023

Interviewed by: Soaring Prophets

Topic: The journey of traveling full-time

She Quit Her Job To Travel Full Time

I talk to Tonya and Michael of the top 2% globally ranked “Be BOLD Branding Podcast” about building my personal brand and becoming a full-time travel coach.

October 2023

Interviewed by: Brandface

Topic: The journey to traveling full-time and how you can do it too.

The Advantages and Challenges of Full-Time Travel

I had the delight of meeting Graeme in South Africa and now join him for his podcast where we speak about the advantages and challenges of the full-time travel lifestyle.

September 2023

Interviewed by: Kusa Cast 

Topic: The Advantages and Challenges of Full-Time Travel

Create A Life You Adore

Together, we’re debunking myths and revealing how you can live this lifestyle too, without needing to be rich. I share what prompted my dramatic career change, how I gathered courage to take the leap, and pivotal advice for gaining clarity on your travel dreams.

August 2023

Interviewed by: Gerri Mana McMahon

Topic: How I Transformed My Life From Full-Time Job To Full-Time Travel

Coffee With T

I share my journey into full-time travel and what I’ve learned so far.

June 2023

Interviewed by: Tonia Tyler

Topic: Unlocking the Full-Time Travel Lifestyle: Embracing Your Calling

Breaking Through Boundaries

I share my life as a frustrated corporate employee, how I went about changing my life, and offer inspiration for how you can do it, too!

June 2023

Interviewed by: Christopher H. Loo, MD-PhD

Topic: Overcoming “Too Old” and “Too Broke” To Travel Full Time

The Ultimate Journey Of Self Care

I share my 3-step process to being able to start traveling full time.

May 2023

Interviewed by: Alison K

Topic: How to get started with full-time travel


The importance of following your heart and doing what you love.

May 2023

Interviewed by: Brad Walsh

Topic: Following Your Heart

Why We Travel

Tips and a chat about how to get started with this lifestyle.

March 2023

Interviewed by: Claus Lauter

Topic: How To Get Started With Full Time Travel

The Healthability Project

Sometimes, you realize you’re living the wrong life…

March 2023

Interviewed by: Robin Mckenna

Topic: Opting Out Of Buying In

Most Memorable Journies

This was a great discussion about creating a full-time travel life.

February 2023

Interviewed by: Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis

Topic: Ditch your desk discover your destiny through full time travel.

People Changing The World

This was a fun conversation about traveling full time and being a full-time travel coach.

February 2023

Interviewed by: Alex Melo

Topic: Traveling full time, and coaching others to live this lifestyle.

Things That Matter

This was a unique and interesting talk about the significance of some of my travel jewelry!

Febryary 2023

Interviewed by: Martie McNabb

Topic: The stories of my travel jewelry

Creator Tutorials Podcast

Learn more about some of the realities of traveling full time vs living a fixed life.

January 2023

Interviewed by: Alex Hitt

Topic: Full Time Travel and what it’s really like

Deal By Me Podcast

Learn more about life as a full time traveler.

January 2023

Interviewed by: James Smith

Topic: Full Time Travel and Business Coaching

The Private Equity & Business Podcast

Some great questions about life and how to live happy!

January 2023

Interviewed by: Scott Becker

Topic: Full Time Travel and Business Coaching


Some great questions about life and how to live happy!

December 2022

Interviewed by: Matthew Harms

Topic: Voices Of The 21st Century, Conscious, Caring Women Who Make A Difference

The Heroes Podcast

Some great questions about life and how to live happy!

December 2022

Interviewed by: Endre Hoffman

Topic: Break out of the 9-5 and travel freely!

Living The Dream Podcast

Some great questions about life and how to live happy!

November 2022

Interviewed by: Timothy Douglas

Topic: Helping People Travel Full Time

Dom Brighton Going North podcast

Going North Podcast

Tips for making epic traveling adventures safe and affordable

October 2022

Interviewed by: Dom Brightmon

Topic: From Great Resignation To Life Transformation

The Athena Wellness Podcast

Tips for making epic traveling adventures safe and affordable

July 2022

Interviewed by: Kathy

Topic: Is Nomadic Living Right For You?

Linda’s Corner

Tips for making epic traveling adventures safe and affordable

Date: June 2022

Interviewed by: Linda

Topic: How To Become A Nomad

The Gentle Yoga Warrior

Learn how to become a full time nomad and how to afford it!

Date: June 2022

Interviewed by: Jane

Topic: How To Become A Nomad

I Am ReFocused Podcast

We spoke about all that goes along with following your heart when your head gets in the way..

Date: May 2022

Interviewed by: Shemaiah

Topic: How To Follow Your Heart When Your Head Gets In The Way

Impact Podcast

This was a great conversation about some of the joys of travel – two great hosts, and a phenomenal conversation.

Date: May 2022

Interviewed by: Nigel and Devon

Topic: World Travel

Assorted Conversations

I had a lively conversation with great hosts Helen and Maureen (seriously, they are awesome!) about preparing myself financially and emotionally to make the leap from corporate life to full time travel. Listen in to learn more!

Date: May 2022

Interviewed by: Helen and Maureen

Topic: The Full Time Traveler Conversation

All Ears English

This was a highly engaging interview where we spoke about some essential tips for international business and travel.

Date: April 2022

Interviewed by: Lindsay McMahon

Topic: 3 Tips For International Business And Travel

Slick: A Better You

Matt and I had a great talk about travel and what it’s like being a full time travel coach, and lots of fun topics inbetween!

Date: April 2022

Interviewed by: Matt Parish

Topic: Full time travel, coaching, advice to travel

Between The Before And After

The journey to change your life from corporate to full time traveler isn’t easy. Join us for a chat about some of the hardships, and why it’s so worthwhile, though definitely not for everyone!

Date: March 2022

Interviewed by: Jon

Topic: The Great Resignation: From vacation to Full Time Travel


In this episode, we talk about the full time travel life, getting stuck in New Zealand for the pandemic, and inspiration for those of you wanting to try full time travel!

Date: March 2022

Interviewed by: Jennie and Jamie

Topic: Full Time Travel

A Is For Adversity

In this episode, we talk about following your heart–even when your head gets in the way. What passions are you secretly wanting to pursue? How do we take that courageous step? What’s holding us back?

Date: March 2022

Interviewed by: Jen

Topic: Following your heart even when your head gets in the way

The Invictus Mind

This was a fascinating interview where we talked about freedom, programming we break away from, and how full time travel is absolutely something everyone can do. Choose the audio (below) or video (to the left) version!

Date: March 2022

Interviewed by: Michael Korbel

Topic: Find Your Coach, And Go!

Love Can’t Wait Podcast

In this interview I talk about findng freedom and happiness through full time travel.

Date: February 2022

Interviewed by: Lopaze Lasane

Topic: Freedom & Happiness In An Unfree World

Online Dinner Party

We explored some great topics around travel, full time travel and more in this fun interview!

Date: February 2022

Interviewed by: Marc Lee

Topic: Travel

Women We Should Know Podcast

What a fun interview about the courage to follow a travel dream and what it’s been like! Click the image or button and take your pick from the video or audio version.

Date: January 2022

Interviewed by: Lesley Michaels

Topic: Living a Full Time Travel Dream

Passion Business Podcast

This was an amazingly fun interview about how to turn a passion for travel into a way of life!

Date: November 2021

Interviewed by: Anke Hermann

Topic: Full Time Travel: Turning A Career Break Into A Way Of Life

Wickedly Smart Women

Join me as I speak with Anjel of Wickedly Smart Women about breaking away from the life I was conditioned to live in order to travel full time, and how I manage to do it!

Date: October 2021

Interviewed by: Anjel B. Hartwell

Topic: How To Leave Your Job And Travel Full Time

We Travel There

In this interview, Heather talks about the wonderful town of Kerikeri where she spent almost a year of her time in New Zealand!

Date: October 2021

Interviewed by: Lee Huffman

Topic: Kerikeri, New Zealand

How To Rewrite Your Stars

In this interview, Heather talks about full time travel and changing her life to live her dreams.

Date: October 2021

Interviewed by: Benjamin Fincher

Topic: Changing your life to travel full time

Amateur Traveler

In this interview, Heather gives  you a 2-week itinerary in New Zealand’s Northland, one of her favorite parts of the country.

Date: August 21sth, 2021

Interviewed by: Chris Christensen

Topic: New Zealand’s Northland

Ambition Podcast – Entrepreneur

In this interview, Heather talks about her business and process helping others to align their life to what they love.

Date: March 24th, 2021

Interviewed by: Phil Lanos, Action & Ambition Podcast

Topic: How To Create A Life That Fits Better

The Dream To Destination Podcast

In this interview, Heather shares some tips for solo travelers to make friends while traveling.

Date: March 1st, 2021

Interviewed by: Shelley Marmor, Dream To Destination Podcast

Topic: 11 Tips For Making Friends While Traveling Solo

World Nomads Podcast

In this interview, Heather talks about life in quarantine in New Zealand. There’s even a story about a yeti! Tune in for the story…

Date: April 22, 2020

Interviewed by: World Nomads Podcast

Topic: A New York Native Quarantines in New Zealand

Global Girl.Life Top 20 Fempreneur Podcasts

In this article, my Inspired Nomads podcast series is mentioned in the top 20.

Date: July 13, 2020

Interviewed by: GlobalGirl.Life

Topic: Top Fempreneur Podcasts – The Inspired Nomads

Grey Globetrotters

In this article, I’m interviewed about being a travel blogger and traveling the globe.

Date: July 21st, 2020

Interviewed by: Grey Globetrotters

Topic: Why I quit my job to travel full time and various travel advice.

Wealthy Sexy Rebel

I was interviewed by the awesome Lorena Morales of Wealthy Sexy Rebel. We spoke about ways to afford full time travel and tips for enjoying it as a solo traveler.

Date: October 1st, 2020

Interviewed by: Lorena Morales, Wealthy Sexy Rebel

Topic: How To Afford Full Time Travel.

Women Speakers Association

I was interviewed about keys to living your best life by Women Speakers Association.

Date: November 13th, 2020

Interviewed by: Laura Rubenstein

Topic: How To Live The Life You Deserve

Interview Heather

Need a speaker to talk about nomadic or expat life, quarantining far from home, or the journey of a nomad? Use the button below to contact Heather!


Whether traveling full time was your dream before the pandemic, or after, this session will help you understand how to prepare, what you need to know, and how to get your finances in order to make it happen. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the “How To Afford The Travel Life” eBook. You’ll also get an understanding of both what’s great about full-time travel and some of the challenges. You can also discuss planning help, and how to get the most out of your experience.

Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve all had a chance to ask the question, “what now?” If you’ve decided it’s time to quit your 9-to-5 to travel full time (or take it with you while you live nomadically), this program will help you address the core mindset, money, and planning gaps you have. This is the program that will help you acknowledge and overcome your fears about what’s next, figure out how to afford and sustain your travels, and feel confident about planning your adventure. Book your free session to see if you’re a fit!

You want to quit and travel full time, but when can you go? This eBook gives you all the formulas you need to calculate when you can quit and afford the travel lifestyle you want, in under and hour.

You’re finally serious about traveling full time, but you cannot figure out how you’ll afford it. Or, you’re just curious whether it’s really even possible to afford the lifestyle. Bootcamp is for you! We’ll go dive deep into savings strategies before you go, how to save on the road, and how to sustain your travels, as well as look at lots of work opportunities if you want to work while you travel! Includes a 3-day build your budget challenge to get you thinking about how to replace dreams with real logical steps to make it happen.

You know you don’t like your job, but you can’t figure out how to survive without it. Designed for frustrated professionals the program focuses on teaching you the key steps to shifting your work and money mindsets, and giving you the money and work strategies to pursue, leaving you empowered to quit with confidence and see that it really is possible to live happily without a stable job.

Most of what’s keeping you from what you want – full-time travel, a new business idea, a radical career shift – are your excuses. After one session with Heather, you’ll understand which excuses are holding you back the most, how to get them out of the way, and you’ll leave with an action plan that helps you set the foundation to pivot into the life you want.

You’ve dreamed about traveling full time for as long as you can remember, and now you’ve learned that it’s a little more challenging than you thought. Get help getting through the initial shock and changes when you realize you’re not on vacation. Learn how to manage those experiences where you meet parts of yourself long forgotten, and create a plan to help you have the best experience with your journey.

It’s always been essential to understand your money, but if you’ve lost your job due to the pandemic, now it’s even more important that you create financial empowerment. In this session, Heather will work with you to first understand your gaps in managing your money, then she’ll help you with the framework on how to ensure you can afford the life you dream of. You’ll get tips to save and budget, and also discuss ways to earn money that will shift you out of feeling like a victim of the times, to seeing the opportunities in front of you to begin making money in a different way.

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I’ve been traveling the globe solo, and many of my posts share thoughts and resources specifically for other solo travelers. If you’re a fellow solo traveler, or you’re thinking about solo travel, this is a collection you will find of interest.

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At the heart of international travel is learning about the many different cultures and ways of being around the world. The posts compiled on this page speak, specifically, about the cultural observations I’ve had.

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