Mystery Solved:

How To Afford Full Time Travel

Everything you need to know to help you afford full-time travel. Whether you're planning a sabbatical or to cut ties with your job, this is the place to start.


What You'll Learn With This eBook

Get strategies and steps to help you take the mystery out of affording full time travel.

  • Your Travel Style

    You’ll learn how to choose a travel style, which is essential in understanding what kind of budget you’ll need to do it.

  • How To Create A Travel Budget

    Step-by-step instructions on how to work out a travel budget, and, determine how long you need to create that money with your current earnings.

  • Lessons Learned

    Learn some of the surprising experiences that come from traveling full time – and why they’ll help you do it sooner, than later. (And, some things to consider to help you determine if full time travel is for you.)

  • How To Figure Out When And How Much

    Solve the puzzle of how to afford travel with easy strategies to be able to pinpoint exactly how much you need to do it, and how long it will take to get it. (Or, whether you might be ready a lot sooner than you expected.)

  • Worksheets To Figure It All Out

    Get worksheets that explain what to consider, how to do the math, and how to adjust things so you can travel sooner, or later, as you like! The eBook includes blank templates, and a walkthrough of them to help clarify how to use each one.

  • Support

    Got a question? Found something in the eBook confusing? Reach out any time using the contacts in the eBook and I’ll help you clarify things.

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After almost three years as a nomad, I've worked out not just some of the kinks of full time travel, but learned a lot about how much it really costs, and how to set up a travel budget that lasts as long as you want to travel (or even longer!) Most people think full time travel is only for "young people" and that it's not affordable until you retire. Think again! The funny thing is, full time travel is actually cheaper than real life!

This eBook will help you realize how to make full time travel obtainable in any timeframe you desire.