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How To Afford Full-Time Travel

Done-for-you formulas to calculate how much money you need, and when you can leave
Figure out your travel budget in under an hour
Step-by-step walkthrough of everything you need to be able to travel as long as you want

"Heather delivers the goods: I felt supported, motivated and focused. After working with Heather, I finally see myself as an entrepreneur!"

Melia Franklin

Want More Out Of Your Life?

Have you awakened to the fact that there's more to life than waiting it away for retirement? Curious about traveling full or part time, but afraid you can't afford it? This book was made for you!

Even If You Want To Work Remotely, This eBook Can Help!

The budget calculation formulas and real-life explanation of travel styles are invaluable. 

Perhaps you don't want to quit your job, but you do want to quit your desk. Everything contained in this eBook will help you create a preliminary full-time travel budget, which is a key exercise for anyone who wants to see that it really is possible to live this amazing lifestyle!

In Less Than An Hour, You Can Figure Out If You're Ready To Quit Your Job (Or Work Remotely)...

...and travel full-time! This eBook has formulas and worksheets to help you determine whether you have enough money saved up to quit this week. If it turns out you're not ready, you'll be able to calculate exactly how much more time you need to work to get the missing budget you need. That's also how much time you'll have to plan for your new life, and you'll be able to figure all that out in less than an hour!

Finally, You Can Live Your Dream Life

After almost six years as a full-time traveler, I've worked out the kinks of affording full-time travel, and learned a lot about how much it really costs. Most importantly, I figured out the value and knowledge to set up a travel budget that lasts as long as you want to travel (or even longer!) Most people think full time travel is only for "young people" and that it's not affordable until you retire. Think again! 

This eBook will help you realize how to make full time travel obtainable in any timeframe you desire.

A $250 value!

Includes A Companion Guide

It's great to have an outline and formulas to calculate how much you'll need to travel full time, the way you want to, and when you can start. The companion guide adds on to this wisdom, by exploring what it's really like to travel full time, day-to-day. You'll get a better understanding of how to choose your travel style, which is introduced in the How To Afford Full Time Travel eBook.

It's easy to access

Your eBooks and worksheets are available instantly via downloadable PDF files. You can easily view everything on your phone, your computer, or upload it to the eReader of your choice. It's like a customized travel financial expert in your pocket.

What's included

Here's what you get when you order today:

  • 40 pages of practical guidance, travel and budget tips, and worksheets
  • Done-for-you formulas showing you how much money you need to travel full time, and how long it will take you to have enough money.
  • A feeling of empowerment as you realize that you can take control of your finances and direct them toward the life you want, without waiting until retirement to do it!
  • Everything you need to calculate monthly and per diem budgets
  • strategic thinking points to help you understand the logic behind planning your finances
  • A companion guide that enhances the information in the main eBook with real-life, day-to-day experiences that help you make the best choices in calculating a travel budget that meets the experiences you want to have
You'll Get Essential Information To Help You:
practical guidance
Demystify the process of creating a travel budget
Step-by-step formulas
Budget tips
Stop thinking you can't afford the life you want

How To Afford Full Time Travel helps you create the right budget to comfortably afford full-time travel

Get all these benefits when you buy the "How To Afford Full-Time Travel" eBook and action guide, today


Step-by-step instructions on where to start, how to work out a travel budget, and how much longer you need to keep your day job.


Turn overwhelm into confidence as you complete the included worksheets that set you on the path to affording to do what you love full-time


In under an hour, you can have the core set of information you need to start your journey into full-time travel, for as long as you want to do it!

Heather has a proven track record helping her clients

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Learn To Travel In The Style You Most Enjoy

Heather understands the nuances of traveling and living well while doing it and she is willing to take you along for the planning journey so you can, too.

Matt Noel


Thank you for your very GENERIOUS SHARING and great insight, MUCH appreciated.

Gail Mervis

Coach Member/COMENSA

Pre Planning For Later Success

She really made me think about how & why I spent and saved my money now so that it would help me on the road later in my travels.

Melissa Hawthorne

How To Afford Full-Time Travel

A $325 value, for only $39!

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