My Favorite Gear

Sony a6000 Camera

Because I wanted more control over my photos and find DSLRs too heavy, I upgraded to a mirrorless camera. This took some getting used to, but once I found the right settings for me, my photos became ways for me to share my experience. I bought mine at Adorama, got a great discount on a kit with a zoom lens. Now that the a6400 was announced, you may find prices on this model dropping!

GoPro Hero 5 Black

Great for taking wide angle selfies, and making fun videos that capture the events of a day.

Day Pack

I love this bag because it folds up into itself and zips up as a pouch and is extremely lightweight. I use it every day to carry my camera, water bottle, sunblock, etc.

Compression Bags

Stuff them, press the air out, and voila!

Multi Travel Charger

Though it is large, I love being able to plug in 3 devices at a time and also hahve a 4th device charging via USB! Just pull out the plug you need and attach to go into the wall. Much sturdier than the plugs you need to slide to the country you are in to get the right adapter.

Selfie Stick / Tripod

This little guy fits easily into my luggage, is lightweight, and when I need it pulls up pretty high and serves as a tripod for my cell phone or GoPro. Only downside is that if you place it on uneven ground it will topple over. Just find someplace stable and you’re good to go!

Oboz Waterproof Hiking Shoe

After my old pair of hiking shoes fell apart in Costa Rica I had to invest in a new pair. I love these shoes because they are fabulous for hiking, but also waterproof, which means if I’m someplace where it’s a little chilly and raining, I can also use these shoes for protection.

Moldex Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are a godsend when you travel! You will find yourself in accomodation with thin walls, or sleeping with street noise and when you can just put these in and tune it out, it will work wonders for your sleep! These guys are easy to use, last a few times, and then you open up a new pair. Lightweight, indespensible!

Foot Hammock

If you travel economy and hate how your legs feel dangling on the ground, this will be a life saver! Strap it around your tray table and voila! Instant foot rest allowing you to extend your legs comfortably.

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