New Zealand Honey

Honey and associated products is one of the most amazing things I discovered during my time in New Zealand. I found a company that does 100% of their own production and are constantly updating and creating new products I love!

New Zealand

I’m delighted to be partnering with The Honey Shop in Kerikeri, New Zealand. I love their products! Here’s a brief video explaining what I love, and if you use code NZHONEY you’ll save 5% on your order! (Full disclosure – I will also receive a small amount of compensation for your purchases.) The products below are some of my favorites, but they have many other products on their website!

PLEASE NOTE – prices on the store website are in New Zealand dollars! If you’re paying in US dollars, it’s about 2/3 the listed price.

Hand Care Cream
Eye Cream

Hand Care Cream

Magic Pressed Serum

Eye Cream

Creamy, amazing smell, leaves your hands soft and smooth all day long. Not too greasy, one of my favorite products! This is one of the products with propolis which may, potentially, help reduce age spots.

This product is aptly named. It’s like a magic trick for many skincare issues. Kawakawa is one of New Zealand’s most healing plants, and this combines it with honey to cure just about anything. I’ve used it on bug bites, pimples, hives, and my lips and it’s cured every one of them! A must-have product.

An eye cream that works on the lids and underneath. Feels perfect – not too heavy and greasy, and also not so light that you worry if it will do anything. My eyes love it!

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Day Cream
Night Cream

Propolis Day Cream

Propolis Rejuvenating Night Cream

I love the texture and, as someone with larger pores, am always concerned about products that may block them, leading to blackheads. No problem here! Moisturizing and makes my skin feel great.

The night cream, like the day cream, is not too heavy, and not too light. As you can see, one of the things I love about all the products is how the formulas feel great, like the perfect amount of everything. 

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ginger hney
Rerwarea honey

Honey & Ginger

Manuka Honey – The Good Stuff!

Manuka Honey Lozenges

This honey is the most amazing with a cup of hot water and a little lemon juice squeezed in. The ginger taste and smell are is strong without being overpowering. I learned that you should let the water cool a bit before stirring in the honey so you don’t remove the healing properties of the honey. A great treat if you feel a cold coming on or just enjoy lemon tea with honey.

Take a look at the PDF at the bottom of the page to learn the different healing properties of each MGO level of honey. Then, click the Buy Now button and head over to the shop and stock up on great-tasting honey which will also heal you internally and externally.

Honey lozenges are a special treat. They’re full of flavor and depth, unlike many other lozenges I’ve used. You can choose from several different varieties (Eucalyptus pictured here) and take extra measures against sore throats, or just enjoy a delicious lozenge.

Remember your discount coupon – NZHONEY

Not sure what all that MGO stuff means when you buy honey? This handy chart explains the healing properties of each level! And, it distinguishes between internally digesting and externally applying the honey.