Introducing: Money For Travel Bootcamp

Everything you need to begin and sustain your full-time traveling with confidence!

End the struggle keeping you from the life you dream of

You know, in your heart, that you want to travel full-time. But, your mind keeps telling you all the reasons you'd be foolish to. Money being the number one reason. 

Maybe you believe you have to wait until you retire to live this way (because you think your job is stable and this is what most people do) and counting down the years. (If it's more than 5, you may be wishing you could invent a time-machine.) Even if you're considering remote work, you may be unclear how to sustain the lifestyle.

The truth is, when you understand that other people's standards of life don't have to apply to you, and that you can control your money, rather than let it control you, it opens up a new realm of possibility. A life of full-time travel is radically different than a fixed life. You know that, of course, but what you don't know is that it takes a lot less money to travel full time than it does to keep a job and a "normal life."

Money For Travel Bootcamp will change your perspective around what's possibly for your life, and give you the tools and confidence to create the freedom and flexibility you crave instead of thinking you don't have enough money.

If You've Ever Thought...

"I wish I could travel full time, but I could never afford it!"

"Full time travel is a dream, but how would I make money while doing it?"

"I'd love to quit my job and take off, but I have no idea how to make it work without my job."

"I want more freedom and flexibility in my life, but have no idea how to make it a reality."

"What if I fall in love with the travel and I don't want to stop? How would I sustain it for more than just a few months?"


Travel photography is just one of many ways to make money traveling full time.

What is Money For Travel Bootcamp?

You've seen how happy people that travel full time seem to be, and you want in! But, you have no idea where to start, or how to pay for it.

If you're ready to answer the question "how do I afford full time travel?" this will answer that and get you ready to get packing!

Shift Your Money Mindset

We'll take a look at how you've been trained to think about work and money and dramatically shift your perspective around both so you realize you can let go of your current programming.

Do A Budget Deep-Dive

Learn how to take a detailed look at your current budget and develop the skills to stay on top of your money as you travel. This will help you ensure you don't run out of money unexpectedly, and you always know how much is available to you.

Save Money Before You Leave

We'll do a deep-dive into multiple ways you can save money to build up as big a savings nest as possible. This will not only alleviate stress about money, it will connect you to how resourceful you are.

Cut Down Expenses On The Road

I'll share all the strategies I use to reduce expenses while I'm traveling, so that you understand how you can keep traveling for longer. This step alone will show you how to cut your travel budget by up to a third.

Make Money While Traveling

Curious how you can make money on the road and where to start? We'll be covering that in bootcamp! Get ideas and strategies to be able to work while you travel.

Sustain Travel For Longer

Want to be able to travel as long as you feel like it, instead of worrying that money will run out? We'll cover how to make that a real possibility. I'll show you which strategies to use when you're running ou of money, or, when you have more than you expected.