When you travel long term you can pick a region, start there and keep going around the world. You can race around and see very nook and cranny, or you can take your time and really discover the essence of a country in a few of its cities. However you do it, you’re bound to discover many parts of yourself, starting with observing what you do and don’t like about other cultures. Click on any region below, or scroll down to see a list of countries and I’ll give you my thoughts on each place I’ve been and how they lend to discovering yourself. As my own travels continue I will add more and more content! 


Brimming with wildlife truly living in the wild, tribes that take you back in time, the past present and future collide.

South Africa

Central America

Nature expands in every direction, as do the semi-deserted beaches. Unusual wildlife like sloths and colorful frogs are everywhere.

Costa Rica


A familiar feel, rich with history and discovery at every turn which inevitably leads to intellectual discussion, drinking, and fun.



South America

Vibrant colors, diverse scenery, amazing wildlife. Spanish with different accents and slang every place you go, fascinating people….


Southeast Asia

Completely different from the Western World. Truly in its own class of sights, smells and flavors. Easy to get lost to find yourself.



Mystical, natural, wild.

Easter Island

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Countries I Visited

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Traveling the world full-time may sound glamorous and exhilirating. (In many ways, it is!) But, it’s not full-time fun. Before you decide to go, take this quiz to make sure you’re ready, and, if not, find out how to bridge the gaps.

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