Ready to ditch your desk and discover your destiny through full time travel, but not sure how to make ends meet?

Here's a simple way to stop letting money bully you out of a more meaningful life.

Despite the pandemic, despite a bad economy, and despite your circumstances. 

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Learn how to quit your job and make money
Learn how to sustain full time travel  for as long as you want
Turn your dream life into your real life

How To Make Money Without A Job

This program may, literally, change your life.

If you're wondering where your next paycheck is coming from, this could release you from dependence on a corporate/government/not-for-profit job. 

It will answer your questions of "how can I quit my job and make money?"..."how can I quit my job and travel?"

This could free you to trade life as a worker-bee for life as an empowered business owner or world traveler. Or, it could just make you more confident that you'll be ok without that job.

Other people will be jealous of you, and might event try to talk you out of the idea of enjoying your life before you retire.

Because, how can they justify hating the job  they feel obligated to hold on to, or look for another job they hate, if you're out there enjoying yourself and not worried about how much money you have?

As seen in

You'll become one of those people who...

Always seems to have enough money without a full-time job

How could that be possible?

I’m going to share strategies with you that help you eliminate the need for full-time employment, reducing your anxiety about having enough money without it.

Whether you have a job that you now realize is completely useless and you want to do something more fulfilling, or whether you lost your job due to the pandemic and economy, this strategy will help you gain confidence and clarity in what you want and how to have it.

Want to know more?

If you do, then I’m going to help you understand how you can make one key change, right now, that will

put you on a more empowering life and money path.

If money seems like a bully making you believe you have to remain chained to your desk for the next 10, 20, or 30 years, this program will transform your future.

Does money seem like the force that drives your life? Are you constantly bouncing back and forth between quitting and then talking yourself out of it because, rationally, you tell yourself you can't live without the money?

Fear of not having enough money is one of the main reasons people work away their best years, sacrificing the life they want, hoping to finally have it after retirement.

I know because I spent the last 10 years of my career committing to quit each January, and copping out the last week of every December. I knew I wanted to do something more meaningful with my life, but I couldn't figure out what that was, and quitting to do something I love, like travel the world, obviously made no sense because what would I do after a few months of that? How would I afford the life I had created up to that point?

I ended up taking a complete leap of faith, having no organized idea of how I'd make things work. Three years later, I've realized there is a way to do this. There is a way to do something you love, something that brings light to every day of your life, and also, have enough money to keep doing it for a long time.

I'm sharing all the things I've learned over the past three years about how to relate to money, how to make money, and how to make it last.

Get the information you need to create the freedom and flexibility you crave

Many full-time travelers and digital nomads use some of these strategies.

Though they do share ideas to make money, theydon’tteach you what you need to do before you get to the money-making ideas.

They don’t dig in to themoney mindset shifts or strategiesto cope with how different it is to make money outside of full-time work.

They don't explain some of the key information you need to know before throwing caution to the wind (or trying to pick up the pieces, if circumstances have led you to pursue a different life.)

The problem with simply getting a bunch of ideas to make money (and I bet you’re pretty smart and already know a bunch of ways or can find them on Google)

is that aimlessly trying to find work doesn’t help you keep your bank account full.

Looking for work without the right money strategy leaves you feeling like you’re constantly running around trying to make ends meet.

A swipe file with ideas to make money is completely useless unless you have a strategy behind using it, and an understanding of just how different money and work are, outside corporate/government/not-for-profit type jobs.

Trying to make money with a PDF file of ideas is kind of like trying to eat your favorite soup without a bowl, and without a spoon– not very efficient, and you end up missing out on most of it. It feels like a lot of hard work in exchange for not much satisfaction.

And, if you've lost your job, and have been failing to find another full-time job in this economy, you need these strategies to stop feeling like you're banging your head against a wall.

 That's why I developed the "Mind Over Money" System, so you can figure out how to make your ends meet first, and then develop the right strategy to make it happen

This program is about more than strategies to make money outside of a stable job, it’s about becoming aware of all the beliefs you’ve learned from years of slaving away at your desk.

If you’re a Gen X-er (or any generation) with parents who taught you to go to work and keep your head down until you retire, this is for you.

I’ve long felt that we didn’t choose to grow up and work away the best years of our life so that we can finally have fun when we’re too old with medical issues that potentially cramp our fun.

While it’s more empowering to choose life and work that doesn’t involve a stable job, you can still find empowerment if you unexpectedly find yourself without that job.

Everyone can do these steps. You don’t need to be an expert, a genius, or a millionaire.

My name is Heather Markel

I’m a former worker-bee turned full-time nomad. I’ve got over 25 years experience in corporate, and over 10 years experience as an entrepreneur. But the last 3 years have taught me more about confronting, challenging and loving the unknown. You know the “what now?” and “how will I do this?” and “why wait?” questions.

I’m a former contributor to Entrepreneur.com and I was even interviewed by the New York Times about life as a nomad.

A few things I've learned:
There's no greater pleasure than learning you can have the life you want 
You don't have to go broke doing it
You don't have to wait till retirement to change your life
Life is unpredictable and you don't want to regret never trying 

I Also Have A Proven Track Record Helping Entrepreneurs Make More Money

Here's what some of them have to say:

Nicole Wells

Founder, Speak Wells

"Working with Heather transformed my business approach in exactly the way I needed. I was stuck and not sure how I should be reaching out to my clients and finding new ones.

My work with Heather got me out my rut and I renewed and invigorated my practice. I’m attracting new clients and creating new programming that I love. She listens. She’s intuitive. She’s smart. She has tremendous resources. She will take you to the next level."

Varun M

Founder, MyItopia

"...I wanted to get to the next level but some personal and business hurdles were preventing me from doing so. I knew I needed to do something different to get different results...

Heather has been an excellent and immensely valuable resource in helping me identify, plan and fulfill my personal and business goals. I would highly recommend working with Heather and taking a step forward in your life personally and professionally."

Ariane Hunter

Founder, Project She Went For Her Dreams

"There are no words to truly capture Heather’s coaching. Not only is Heather an amazing, insightful, super smart business coach but she is a fantastic person. She is a powerhouse when it comes to helping you ramp up your business in rapid speed.

Within the first few months of working with Heather, I saw change almost immediately. My business went from just a trickle of clients here and there to a floodgate of quality clients. I tripled my business income in just a few months. ...".


Dana Campbell

Founder, Optimize Corps

"I was at a point in my business where I wasn’t succeeding at breaking into the next level.  I knew I needed support, guidance and a big push. Heather came highly recommended by two of her last clients, so I knew that she must be doing something right. In my first month working with her, I made 2K more than I had in any month before and four months later I doubled my revenue...."

Get The Freedom You Want

With this diverse background and experience, I’ve seen failure, frustration, and the most amazing rising from the proverbial ashes to levels of success beyond what my clients dreamed of.

I worked in corporate, and I also out-earned my corporate salary in my business.

I know what the struggle feels like.

Long ago, I accumulated credit card debt through my own lack of knowledge and responsibility, and I turned that around.

I’ve lived in a high-end Manhattan apartment with a concierge, shopped for clothes in Paris, and also slept in youth hostels and made it by with less than $20/day.

So, I know how to make money, save it, and budget it. That’s just the middle of How To Make Money Without A Job.

The problem is, most people blindly look for a few work opportunities, and then one of these situations happens:

You can’t find any opportunities so you feel like giving up, and possibly do  
You actually find some work but you can’t understand why, despite having income, you don’t ever seem to have enough money in your bank account to afford your life
You just barely squeak out the rent and some food, but it feels like you’re existence is at risk because there’s just not enough, or it will run out soon

Retirement And The Future Are
Not Guaranteed

If you haven't already lost your job, you know it's a serious possibility. And that was before the pandemic.

We all now truly understand the lack of security a "stable job" represents.

Even if you do make it to retirement, your health may not allow you to do the things you're saving up for.

You may end up 65 or 70, with a stash of money now available to you, and be filled with regret because you're now too old to do what you wanted all those years before.

You may spend your older years wondering "what would have happened if". And, that's if you live till then. Because, let's face it, this pandemic is definitely sobering for our mortality.

The good news, though, is that the pandemic and job loss have allowed us to get much more clarity on the lives we want to live. So, you may have already started racking up leads to pursue and even a few jobs, but

Having Work Or Leads Lined Up Isn't Enough

Even if you have a few things lined up, work, itself, doesn’t solve the problem of staying out of debt, affording your bills, and feeling confident that you can manage for months, or years, if you need to.

The key is to understand the mindsets keeping you chained to a belief system that no longer serves you, and to recreate your relationship to money.

Once you can master these two things, your paradigm of work and possibilities shifts dramatically.

How Do I Know This Stuff Works?

I plunged into the unknown. I don't have a trust fund. I'm not crazy rich.

I quit my job, brought my belief systems with me and had no idea how I’d make ends meet.

I figured I could make it for 3 – 6 months. Instead, my belief systems were completely challenged – it was like everything I had been taught was wrong.

I learned I could keep on pursuing the life of my dreams if I were willing to make some key changes in my life.

I thought I was alone in my journey, but then I kept meeting other people who ditched their corporate life for something more fulfilling.

The thing we all have in common is that we make less money than we did in corporate and we’re a lot more happy.

And, none of us is poor.

How is that possible? Because we’ve been able to use the Mind Over Money teachings to take control of our lives and money.

One thing you are not getting with this program is a get-rich quick scheme.

If you're serious about creating a life where you have enough money that you don't need to worry about paying bills or worrying about how you'll survive if the coffers are running low, it takes work, and it takes time.

If you were looking for something that magically makes money appear, this is not that program.

You Will Learn That Making Money Without A Job Is About So Much More Than A List Of Ideas

Here are five things the Mind Over Money system does for you:

Frees you from being dependent on a full-time corporate/government/not-for-profit job.
Allows you to be in control of your money - no more saying "I have no idea where the money goes!"
Creates a way for you to understand what to do, in any economy, in any money situation, to keep your bank balance where it needs to be.
Gives you confidence and empowerment to manage your financial situation
Lets you decide whether you'll work for a paycheck, or for fulfillment

Each week, for five weeks, you'll receive content you can review at your own pace. You can watch the lessons online, or download them to your favorite device.

Imagine putting the first lessons on your phone or computer and, later today, going to your favorite outdoor spot to learn the strategies to free you from dependency on a corporate job and let you spend as much time as you want, where you want.

And, if you're the kind of person that learns best by asking questions and getting live support, you can choose the live support option to join our Facebook group and attend monthly, live, calls, to get those questions answered.

So, once you complete the core program, things don't have to end there! You can stay in the group for as long as you choose, and benefit from regularly developed new content, as well as network with other likeminded people in the group.

Here's What People Are Saying About The Program:


This is a very actionable course that would help anyone move out of or has lost, mainstream employment.

I'd actually gone through many of the steps included in your course Heather, after going bankrupt about 4 years ago - wish I'd had access to your course then! But some of your steps reminded me of things I'd let slide (or perhaps wasn't ready to do at the time!) and others I hadn't thought of 🙂 This is a very actionable course that would help anyone move out of or has lost, mainstream employment. The mindset shift is a big one and I love that you take us through step by step. I honestly think you've nailed the breakdown of the mindset shift!

Gabby Lewis

Think of this course as emotional intelligence and spiritual wisdom meets business sense.

There is so much I learned from this course, but the main thing I learned and gained is seeing there are other options out there available for earning income. This course also helped me gain clarity on not just my career path, but also on my personal values, and how to make choices that align with them, including the way I earn and spend money. That is the very definition of living intentionally. Think of this course as emotional intelligence and spiritual wisdom meets business sense. That is the best way I can describe it! Also, I wish I had learned what's taught in this course as a college art student. It would've helped me gain the business sense needed to become an artist in the real-world -- learning to differentiate short-term and long-term sources of income, where creative projects fit within these money-making strategies, and how to allocate my time accordingly. Having these foundations would've saved me so much time and heartache. I would definitely recommend it to other people with similar endeavors based on those factors alone.

Bich Nguyen

Who Is This Best Suited For?

This eCourse is best for anyone in a professional, full-time job, who wants to do something more meaningful, but can't figure out how to afford life without a full-time gig. It's perfect for you if you're questioning how to quit your job and make money, or how to quit your job and start a business. It's also great for you if you're used to working in a full-time job and lost it, or recently quit, and you want to understand how to make money last while working outside of corporate.
Note - if your idea of a meaningful life is being filthy rich, living a first-class luxury lifestyle and having champagne and caviar, good on you! This program is not for you.

What Outcomes Should You Expect From This Program?

You should expect to radically shift your perspective on money and work, and to come away with tools, resources, and confidence to have money, manage your finances, and sustain a life that makes you happy. Instead of worrying about being penniless, you'll be excited to live a life that makes you a lot happier!

When Should You Invest In It?

The ideal time to invest is when you have awakened to the fact that there must be more to life than sitting at your corporate job the next XX years and you're ready to make the shifts to create more meaning in your life. 

Here's What You'll Get When You Become A Member 

(If you skipped reading everything else to get to the content and the pricing, stop here!) 

Lessons you can watch or listen to on any device

Every week for five weeks you'll get new lessons in your membership area. You can watch or listen at your own pace, download to listen on the road, and re-watch content any time. Each week's lessons build upon the previous week, giving you time to absorb material and be ready for the next steps. ($600 value)

Action guides to customize each lesson to your own life

Because you have a unique life and set of needs, the included action guides allow you to take the content from each lesson and make it actionable for your, specific situation. ($100 value)

Bonus Content

Recordings of group calls and bonus marketing classes that will help those of you interested in entrepreneurship.

($250 value)

Email Support

Need help? Have a question about a module as you take it? Email Heather and she'll be happy to help you through those questions. 

($700 value)

And You'll Get These FREE Bonuses

Bonus #1
Tracking and Budget Spreadsheet - $47 Value

Along with the module that teaches you how to create a budget, track your money, and calculate how much you need, you’ll get a robust spreadsheet to help you figure out your customized money needs and money plan. This, alone, will empower you to take control of your finances and put all the other lessons to work for you. 

Bonus #2
Ongoing Business Skill Training - Priceless

With my background as a business coach, you'll be getting extra bonuses to help you with sales and marketing. If you plan to start or grow a business, this content is invaluable! 

Bonus #3
The Money Bucket Checklist - $57 value 

Complimenting week 5 of the program, this eBook will help you understand how to organize your budget so you don't panic about expenses!

Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee

My goal is your satisfaction. So, I'm offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, let me know, and I'll refund your money.

Sound good?

If so, here's a reminder of everything you'll get:

Here's What You Get

If you skipped reading everything else so you could find out what you get, and how much it costs, you can stop here!

Available online via video and audio files that you can download and listen to on any device. Comes with action guides for each module so you can customize your learning.

$700 value

Never lose track of where your money goes again, get valuable training to help you start and grow a business, and my free eBook to help you demystify affording full-time travel.


On top of all the modules and action guides, you get access to all the recordings of our live calls, as well as bonus content which is constantly updated.

$400 value

Heather is available to you via email for any questions you have as you go through the eCourse.

$700 value

That's a  $1,877 Value

But, right now, you're getting the entire system at a 97% discount over the value of the program! Prices are subject to change, and this is a limited offer.

For The Unbelievable Price Of:


One-time Fee Includes:

5-week How To Make Money Without A Job eCourse
All action guides
Bonus content
Group call recordings
Lifetime access 

* Price is subject to increase at any time.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the program is the right fit for me?

The program is intended for anyone wanting to leave a full-time gig to travel full-time or start/grow a business, and to learn methods to sustain themselves.

Is the cost one-time or recurring monthly?

The program is a one-time payment. You will not be billed after the first charge.

How is the content delivered?

You'll get access to a private learning portal and can choose to watch, or listen to, the lessons. 

I have additional questions, how do I reach you?

Send me an email at heather@heathermarkel.com

Get Access Now



One-time Fee Includes:

5-week How To Make Money Without A Job eCourse
All action guides
Bonus content
Group call recordings
Lifetime access 

© Heather Begins.  All Rights Reserved.

Most of what's keeping you from what you want - full-time travel, a new business idea, a radical career shift - are your excuses. After one session with Heather, you'll understand which excuses are holding you back the most, how to get them out of the way, and you'll leave with an action plan that helps you set the foundation to pivot into the life you want.

You know you don't like your job, but you can't figure out how to survive without it. Designed for frustrated professionals the program focuses on teaching you the key steps to shifting your work and money mindsets, and giving you the money and work strategies to pursue, leaving you empowered to quit with confidence and see that it really is possible to live happily without a stable job.

Whether traveling full time was your dream before the pandemic, or after, this session will help you understand how to prepare, what you need to know, and how to get your finances in order to make it happen. It's the perfect accompaniment to the "How To Afford The Travel Life" eBook. You'll also get an understanding of both what's great about full-time travel and some of the challenges. You can also discuss planning help, and how to get the most out of your experience.

It's always been essential to understand your money, but if you've lost your job due to the pandemic, now it's even more important that you create financial empowerment. In this session, Heather will work with you to first understand your gaps in managing your money, then she'll help you with the framework on how to ensure you can afford the life you dream of. You'll get tips to save and budget, and also discuss ways to earn money that will shift you out of feeling like a victim of the times, to seeing the opportunities in front of you to begin making money in a different way.

You want to quit and travel full time, but when can you go? This eBook gives you all the formulas you need to calculate when you can quit and afford the travel lifestyle you want, in under and hour.

Thanks to the pandemic, we've all had a chance to ask the question, "what now?" If you've decided it's time to quit your 9-to-5 to travel full time (or take it with you while you live nomadically), this program will help you address the core mindset, money, and planning gaps you have. This is the program that will help you acknowledge and overcome your fears about what's next, figure out how to afford and sustain your travels, and feel confident about planning your adventure. Book your free session to see if you're a fit!

You're finally serious about traveling full time, but you cannot figure out how you'll afford it. Or, you're just curious whether it's really even possible to afford the lifestyle. Bootcamp is for you! We'll go dive deep into savings strategies before you go, how to save on the road, and how to sustain your travels, as well as look at lots of work opportunities if you want to work while you travel! Includes a 3-day build your budget challenge to get you thinking about how to replace dreams with real logical steps to make it happen.

You've dreamed about traveling full time for as long as you can remember, and now you've learned that it's a little more challenging than you thought. Get help getting through the initial shock and changes when you realize you're not on vacation. Learn how to manage those experiences where you meet parts of yourself long forgotten, and create a plan to help you have the best experience with your journey.

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