Six Reasons You Should Travel Full Time

Heather Markel, Writer, Speaker, Photographer, Traveler, Business Strategist

Traveling full time will change your life, because, it will change you. It’s one of the most amazing experiences you can have in life. You may wonder, however, what some of the benefits of traveling full time could be. Whether you refer to it as slow travel, long term travel, or full time travel, this is about creating the time and space to spend as long as you want (barring visa requirements) in any place in the world you want. That, in itself, is pretty awesome! But, here are six reasons you should travel full time:

1. Learn More About History Than In School

In high school, I remember learning about the Vietnam War and Agent Orange. These were words, and explanations. When I went to Vietnam, that knowledge became tears walking through the Vietnam War museum in Ho Chi Minh with photos documenting the war. But even that didn’t compare with seeing people there still suffering from the effects of agent orange. Limbs too long, or too short, disfiguration…now I know. Traveling through the southern hemisphere for the first time, I saw holes in historic buildings where gold was stolen, and learned how indigenous people were wiped out by diseases from those same thieves.  A lot of history is disappointing, but I’m grateful to have a fuller idea of the world. Nothing beats learning about history, first-hand. Often times, we’re told just one side of a story. When you travel, you fill in your knowledge with other sides to the stories you thought you knew.

2. It’s More Enriching To Discover A Culture Instead Of Just Touring It

On vacations I used to pre-book every detail and see so many tourist sites in a few days that I needed a vacation from my vacation. Now I simply wander streets to see what they look like, sit in cafes and watch passerby. I’m curious about how people dress, what they eat, and learning what matters to them. In Argentina I bought my own mate cup and thermos and made friends sharing it as I traveled. In Costa Rica, I ate in Sodas as much as possible, getting to know the family owners and appreciating the local cuisine. In Africa I ate game meats I’d never heard of. In Singapore I meandered down side streets discovering authentic neighborhoods. In New Zealand I learned so much about the connection to nature and recycling and how to be more conscious about my own waste. Everywhere I go, I enter into conversations with locals and learn places to visit that aren’t in guide books, opinions about politics and issues that are important for them in their country. 

3. You’ll Discover A Lot About Yourself

I thought full time travel was about seeing the world. So, I was surprised to find it’s akin to an adult vision quest, where you learn about yourself as you go. As I’ve traveled, I’ve been surprised to learn so much about myself. It hasn’t all been pretty. I had to confront some glaring issues. Each time I do, I’m really proud of myself, and, of course, it makes me ready for the next part of myself I want to develop. A natural part of the experience, because almost nothing goes as planned, is discovering how resourceful you are. I feel more complete and grounded in myself as a result of my personal explorations. And I don’t think they would have happened to such depth in therapy!

4. The People Of A Country Are Not Their Government

I subscribed to the STEP program for safety alerts as I travel. Unfortunately, they will often talk you out of going places. If you read the newspaper, you might also decide that a single story represents an entire country and avoid it. I went to Colombia and expected to see guns and drugs. Instead, I met some of the warmest people in my travels, eager to show me their country, and that it’s incredibly beautiful. I heard Cape Town is extremely dangerous. I stayed in one of the neighborhoods considered more dangerous, and found a wonderful community there where I made several friends. They supported each other’s shops as well, and I was touched by the ways they worked together, even seemingly competitive businesses. More often than not, despite whatever news you and locals in another country read, they are curious and want to know about you. This is how international understanding and compassion are created which are so important in the world today.

5. The Food, Alone, Is Worth Traveling For

Hanoi spring rolls in Vietnam, ostrich steak and warthog ribs in Africa, Guinness in Ireland, fish ‘n chips straight from the water in Whidby England, haggis and scotch in Scotland, steak and asado in Argentina, Tannat wine and lamb in Uruguay, Tom Kha soup in Thailand…. I could go on and on and on. The food is incredible and it can’t be duplicated outside the country because you can’t easily find an herb or a spice or the meat you want. Having a savory connection to foreign lands is incredible. When you travel full time, you’re more likely to try more than just the best tourist restaurants. It’s when you get to the lesser-known areas that you truly begin to discover the food. Food is often the pathway to getting to know people in another culture, so the more you’re willing to try new foods, the more likely you’ll make a lot of new friends.

6. Learn To Appreciate What You Have And Discover What You Want

As you see how other people live, you’ll compare their styles to your home country. Sometimes you’ll find traditions you want to take with you. Other times, you’ll be grateful for the things you already have. Along the way, as you learn more of what you appreciate, you’ll begin to connect to what you want for your self and your life. It may turn out to be very different than you originally thought.

More than anything, I believe traveling full time allows you to shed belief systems that may have kept you unhappy or feeling trapped. By deepening your understanding of other cultures, you’ll challenge your perspectives of the world and your place in it. 

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