Though my traveling has not yet started, the journey has. A big part of what I’m doing is to reconnect with the flow and alignment of the universe. You know, when you make a decision, and because you did, “random” connections and encounters happen that would not have if you didn’t make that one decision.

Tonight I went to see Marianne Williamson speak at a church in Manhattan. On the way, I got to help an English woman find a restaurant, and then I met a French woman at the event and got to practice speaking French, two international delights!

Interestingly some of Marianne’s talk surrounded courage, and I received a reminder, as I stew in a weird sort of stuckiness haze that there were 3 days between the crucifixion and the Resurrection – that it takes time when you make a change, to step up to that change.

After receiving that message, I had the delight and pleasure of seeing a former coaching client. I was going to walk East, but instead, decided to walk West to give us a little time to catch up. She had important messages for me that warmed my heart, and also gave me a boost of courage and inspiration for my own journey.

I went to the subway and just missed my train. Happily, another one came in within a few minutes, and I took a seat, and began looking at Facebook on my phone. Something was bothering me about the train, but I muted my thoughts in the various posts I was looking at. After a while, there was no cell service. Instead of diverting my attention, I looked up, just in time to realize I had indeed taken a different train than I thought, and had to get off immediately or I would have ended up in Queens. Again – the sign was right in front of me, and I listened, unlike so many other times!

Now, the reason I went to this event tonight was because I am looking for signs and more understanding of who I am, so in the flow of perfection, when I returned home, I had received my Ancestry DNA kit so I can find out where I come from.

One decision leads to many wonderful opportunities yet to be discovered!

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