There Are a Lot of Forks in My Road

Heather Markel, Blogger, Speaker, Adventurer

25 October 2018

It feels like I’m living an eternal fork in the road.

Life feels like an eternal fork in the road. I’ve stayed alone much of my trip so far but recently did a homestay in Vietnam where I met some fabulous people. Shout out to Hannah, Paige, Marissa, Damaris, Vanessa, Jamal and Amor if you’re reading this!
Now that I’ve experienced a full day traveling with them, it feels more lonely without them. Hannah and Paige are traveling to the North of Vietnam to a place they will ride motorcycles to see the area. Part of me thinks seriously about going with them – that fork in the road where I have two perfect options to choose from.

The friends I made on my trek through Sa Pa.

Photograph by Heather Markel, Copyright 2018

I decide to keep my current plans (Ninh Binh most likely followed by Danang and Hoi An) and realize that there’s so much joy and possibility in making plans by people you meet. In fact the whole reason I set out on this adventure was to travel and meet people.

“I feel like I constantly have two (or more) great options to choose from.”

In an earlier post I mentioned how getting the boot helped me reconnect to this core part of my journey. Now I’m really focusing on those connections. I’m committed to being more bold and talking to more people. I’ve been outgoing most of my life but that trait was taking a back burner. I’m bringing her back out!

A table set for friends in Sa Pa.

Photograph by Heather Markel, Copyright 2018

As a solo traveler I’ve been fortunate to receive many invitations – to join people for a meal, to conversations, sightseeing and more. I always accept (unless it’s a man that has motives I’m not interested in) and this leads to fascinating conversations and even new friends.
So at that fork in the road when a new friend offers me a diversion from my travel trajectory I am grateful for a wonderful opportunity.

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