A Roman theater in Lisbon. While in Costa Rica, I got a message from the universe to go a little further. That theme clobbered me over the head several times till I got it and listened. It was like someone giving me continuous opportunities to go further, I didn’t, and each time I regretted it, until I finally, in the moment, went further.

I point that out because this second message just popped into my head. I’m not even sure how or when (I think it was the flight over to Portugal.) This one just got in my head and I knew it was the next message – “Pay Attention to the Detail.” I believe there is also some work for me to do around accepting flow and changes to plans. Ironically, in Costa Rica, it was near impossible to plan anything, and I didn’t try. However, in Europe, it’s a bit harder to do certain things without a plan, like rent a car and get car insurance. My flight on the way over was delayed due to weather and had to be changed to make my connecting flight to Lisbon. I needed to extend my car rental insurance and was told I’d have to drive back to the car rental office (an hour and a half) to get this done so they could look at the car. (!!!)

Now I have this message. It can be interpreted in so many ways. What’s the real detail that matters in all these changes, for example.


A house in Lisbon that looks pretty from across the street.

Another example came while walking down the streets of Lisbon, a house looks like a pretty house from across the street. But if you stand next to it, you’ll see that there are hundreds of intricate tiles that work together to create a masterpiece. Paying attention to the detail, I have been noticing so much detailed artwork.

Walking up to the house, I see that the prettiness is due to hundreds of detailed tiles!

There is detail in the Portuguese language I am trying to decipher. There is detail in how a house is set up, and which exit to take at a roundabout. I’m just trying to pay attention and see what I learn. 🙂

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