I’ve been thinking about one of the amazing benefits of my adventure. I’m learning so much and having many, many experiences. It suddenly struck me that everything I’m doing now is me taking the opportunity for a “Life Do-Over.”

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve lived with a lot of regret in my life. So, this huge change I’ve made is allowing me to do-over my life! That gives me the chance to live fully and feel accomplished. But, what about the smaller stuff? I’ve had so many experiences in life that I’ve walked away from beating myself up for not having said or done what I wanted. A recent experience caused me to reflect on an issue I apparently have with self respect. It bothered me a great deal because I didn’t realize how bad it was, nor how it was responsible for many frustrations I’ve had in my life.

So, I got thinking about a specific incident and how I reacted to it, and how I wish I had reacted. From all this thinking was born The Do-Over Worksheet. It helped me look at important reasons I had not behaved as I wanted to, and identify why I behaved that way (turns out that’s where the real lesson is!) and then get in touch with how I will react if I ever encounter the same issue in future.

So, I see it as a way to make good out of situations that, in the moment, seem bad/hurtful/frustrating/etc. and help you learn that lesson you’re being guided to, and then use that learning to improve your future. Feel free to download it below!

Just click the image to the left and download your copy. Feel free to share!


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