A Thank You Message to the People I’ve Met Along My Journey

Heather Markel, Writer, Speaker, Photographer, Traveler, Business Strategist

The people you meet on your travels are one of the most extraordinary parts of the travel.

As I travel the world, I’ve seen some amazing places, and done some things I never even dreamed possible or thought I would ever do in my life! Even more significant, though, than parts of my journey are the wonderful people I’ve met along the way. I wanted to pause and say, thank you. Thank you for making a different in my life. Thank you for helping me be more me. Thank you, to some of you, for saving my life! Thank you to others for making me feel special. Here is a shout-out to a few of you. (Check out my Cool People page to see photos of the many wonderful people I’ve been meeting, and continue to meet!)

Karen from La Vaca Purpura.

Photograph by Heather Markel, Copyright 2018

Costa Rica

I started my journey here which makes it truly special to me. Amazingly, I am still in contact with almost everyone I met there, and feel truly blessed to have met each of you. Julio was the hotel manager at my first hotel, in Guanacaste (Hotel Nany). He made me feel taken care of and we had some wonderful discussions about life and politics in Costa Rica. He also introduced me to Palm wine! To Maggie and Lloyd, thank you! They are a wonderful couple from Canada that I had the good fortune to meet on my bus ride from Brasilito to La Fortuna. If not for you, I would never have braved the zipline cables in Monteverde!! Thanks for cheering me on then, and as I continue my journey. To Raul and Sibila from the Hotel Samsara – you are two of the loveliest people I met! I feel like we are connected for life, and I cannot wait for another of your margaritas! To the couple I met while hiking the waterfall in Uvita – thank you both for rescuing me from the strange man on my path who invited me to “visit his secret place” and for driving me safely back to my hotel. To the Lubell family – felt like I knew you the moment I met you and thank you for driving me to a wonderful day at the beach and awesome conversation! To Julio – my amazing tour guide on a steep hike on Arenal – thank you for helping me make my way down that mountain, never would have been able to without you! And, thank you for being one of the kindest most compassionate people I’ve met on this earth. And to Karen who owns the Vaca Purpura coffee shop in La Fortuna, thank you for the inspiration of showing me how you can create a life around a passion you find while traveling, and for just being wonderful.

“The people I’ve met, in one way or another, have made a difference in my life, and even saved it!”

Vietnam Cambodia and Thailand

Thank you to the entire Danowsky family – Bella, Ulf, David and Mikael. The instant we met it was as if I’d known you forever and you made me feel like a part of your family. Thank you for including me on your amazing 3-day trip of Siem Reap and all the temples. Thank you for all the photo bombing fun, and thank you for the company! I look forward to our contined friendship. To Jacqueline – so excited that we are on similar journeys. Thank you for sharing my birthday dinner with me so I didn’t have to be alone, AND, bonus, I got to share amazing company. I’m so excited that we get to now meet up in more amazing places in the world and toast our friendship. To Gregory – thanks for the birthday lunch and coffee and the great company and the amazing tip about Prachuap Khiri Khan – an experience I never would have had without you! Thank you, Chai, for the wonderful tour of Prachuap Khiri Khan and the monkeys! That was one of my most special days in Asia, and I will never forget it. To Nikolas, thanks for the fun few days in Hoi An and helping me discover some of the most amazing food, and the time out rest on the beach! Oh, and for the street meat experience, which not only was delicious but also did NOT make me sick! 😉 And, to Georgie and Mark, from Australia, wow, thanks for being awesome people and making me feel like I am making a difference with my life choices. You are a true joy in this life.

David and Mikael, met in Vietnam, hung out in Cambodia, felt like instant family. Thanks for the photo bombs!

Photograph by Heather Markel, Copyright 2018


Marie, thank you for letting me stay in your beautiful home so I could enrichen myself and grow as a person. Sam, what can I say – you’re one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met and I continue to enjoy your art and YouTube video selections. Gill – thanks for helping me gain awareness of myself and being an amazing teacher of confidence and boundary settings, something I didn’t realize I needed and, with you as a model, helped me become the model I wanted. 


To Sarah and Corinna – thanks for the fun outings in El Calafte and love staying in touch with you and hearing your stories and look forward to meeting up again. To Jessica and Silvina, what a pleasure to meet you both, share mate, and enjoy a wonderful lamb ravioli lunch with wine. Nath and Flo – thanks for helping me not only figure out how to get to the Laguna Esmerelda, but also, thank you for accompanying me on my very first hitchhiking trip! I would never have done all that without you. Martha and Leila – you’re two of the sweetest women I’ve met so far in Argentina. Thanks for keeping me company, hiking 12 km with me, and for always making sure I got home safe. 🙂 And, to Lourens, thank you for introducing me to places I would never have journeyed to if not for you, for putting up with my impatience and still being my friend, and helping me test the boundaries of my comfort zones. I’m sure that knowing you will continue to enrichen my life as I go forward.

Though this is not a complete list of all the people I met, it’s a highlight to many. You’ve all made a difference in my life, and I am so grateful to have met each of you.

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