I recently had the pleasure of trying out an app called Sygic Travel. It has some of the features of Maps.me but I found a few advantages.

A Local Map

First, for the cities where it’s available, using Sygic Travel’s map to route to a location worked much better than Maps.me. When I use that app, I often find myself confused, to start, with which direction I need to start heading, and then when I think I’ve found it, I frequently learn that I’m going the wrong way. With Sygic Travel, it was simply easier to understand, the first time, which direction to head.

Personal Tours

Another feature of Sygic’s that I really liked was the ability to create a personal walking tour. The app gives you recommended walks highlighting the main sights to look out for. Really handy when you’re in a city you don’t know, and not sure of what there is to see. The app also links to some tour ideas and companies – so instead of having to exit the app and use, say, TripAdvisor, you can get a lot of that information right in the app!

Hotel Listings

Sygic Travel also includes hotel listings and the ability to book – again, you can do all this in one app instead of having to use several different ones which I found handy. This feature seems to work even in areas where the map and tour information is not available, so was very handy. It also plots the hotels on a local map so you can understand where a given hotel is related to where you want to be. This is a sore point for me when I use some of the booking apps – it’s really hard to understand when I’m booking something city center, or choosing a city that’s close or far from things I want to see in a specific area.

How It Works

Sygic Travel aspires to cover well, everywhere! They rely on open data sources and it is possible that some places are better covered than others. You’ll definitely be pleased with the app in larger cities and may find some limitations in more off the beaten path destinations without local tours, etc.

Recent and Currently Planned Features

Support for Apple Watch was just introduced – http://www.sygic.com/sk/press/sygic-travel-app-now-supports-apple-watch

They also plan to add public transport planners for capital cities.

I’m looking forward to the app expanding to more countries – I think it has a lot of potential!

If you’d like to download Sygic Travel for yourself here are the links:

Full Disclosure: This review was written in exchange for posting an interview about me. As part of this exchange I was given the Premium level to try out the app.

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