As long as I’m stepping waaaaay outside my comfort zone, I took my hotel manager’s suggestion and went sailing today. I’m really not a water person. As a young kid, I got smacked under the water at the breaking point and couldn’t find my way to the surface. Ever since, I’ve been afraid of the sea.
It was spectacular! Well, except for the part of the day where the waves were a bit violent and I thought we would capsize. But that rocky water made me realize that I am a boat rocker. My desire to rock the boat has made many people uncomfortable and in a weird way I understood why – it’s really scary when the stability and comfort of your life is taken away, even if for only 25 minutes!But, if you can endure the waves what’s on the other side may be spectacular. So, as I continue to reconnect with myself, I have another clue to guide me to my next destination. Happy sailing indeed!
PS, to add to the magic, we saw 2 humpback whales and jumping dolphins along our journey. Apparently the whales are fairly rare to see. 🙂


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