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Heather Markel, Writer, Speaker, Photographer, Traveler, Business Strategist

5 January 2018

Turns out there’s a ton of value to long term travel, and it’s pretty damn cool.

No Regrets.

This is one of the biggest values I know I have gotten. Instead of spending the rest of my life wondering, “what if?” I get to look back and know the answer and be proud of myself for pursuing the answer. I also get to understand more about what I live and dislike about how I’m living and make efforts to change my life in the direction I want. I also know from making big changes that I can do it, and changes that used to scare me seem less scary now. Facing life with more courage is pretty damn amazing.

In Bangkok people actually form organized lines to ride the subway during rush hour!

Photograph by Heather Markel, Copyright 2019

More Alignment

By quieting all the other people’s voices in my head and making space for my own, I’ve gotten so much more aligned. I feel more me than I’ve ever felt before. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the chronic pain in my neck from the 2 discs I herniated during my marriage that continued to bother me every day of working in corporate have hardly given me any pain at all during all this travel….I get to tell people who I am and what I’m about with a sense of integrity, clarity and direction. I can listen better to those in need and because I’ve taken some big risks and gotten more in touch with how much better it feels to be aligned than to feel confused and frustrated, I can help others look forward to that inspiring place.

“Discovering forgotten parts of myself and learning what makes me happy is invaluable.”

Tapping Into Creativity

I’ve always had creative side outlets like jewelry and handbag making. But I forgot that when I was younger I used to write poetry and even got an honorable mention in a global peace essay writing contest I entered. I’ve written op-eds and articles that have gotten published and even a couple of kids books, and business books and articles. So writing most of the time, as it turns out, is something I rather enjoy. What I didn’t know, though, is that I love photography, too! I liked it – gosh when we only had film as an option I spent a summer in France and came back with 36 rolls of photos!! But it’s become a visual form of expression. Instead of just a building or a street, I feel like I’m beginning to be able to tell a story or tap in to the hidden beauty of a location with an unusual angle.

Have you ever seen a bigger fan of Buddha?

Photograph by Heather Markel, Copyright 2019

More In Common With More People

The more places I go, the more conversations I can have with more people who have also been there or are from there. I already loved talking to everyone I could and now I can speak to even more people about shared experiences. It’s exhilarating!

All the Cool Stuff I’ve Done – and The Cows I’ve Seen.

To be able to look back at what I’ve done is one of the most fun benefits I’ve gotten. I mean I went ziplining high above the tree tops in Costa Rica, I rode a water buffalo in Vietnam, I played with elephants and monkeys in Thailand, I climbed beautiful mountains in Scotland. And, let’s not forget the cows! I have seen the coolest, most beautiful cows around the world. I have loved each and every one of them and there are so many more yet to come!

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