Easter Island

Mystical, magical, breezy, nature, fascinating….

Easter Island

Moai that defy possibility, amazing landscape, wonderful people.

Where I’ve Been

Easter Island Placeholder
Easter Island

Currency = Chilean Peso.

Find Yourself Rating

Interesting. You can have a beach experience, a history experience, a culture experience, or any combination thereof. You can walk along the edge of the ocean and hike to caves, or visit the Moai statues all over the island. Depending on whether you explore on your own or do the touristy stuff will likely impact your finding yourself. But, learning about the culture, which is often best done with a tour guide, may impress you so much that you’re led to self and cultural reflection. Also, sunset will leave you speechless no matter where on the island you are – best time to self reflect.

Female Solo Travel Ranking

Excellent. At least in hostels, seemed like most travelers were solo female. The island is very safe, apart from at night when sometimes there isn’t any lighting and the most dangerous thing that might happen is you falling or running in to one of the many horses that freely roam the island.   Check out my Female Solo Travel tips page for ideas to stay safe.

Touristy vs Authentic

Depends. At this point, the island is mainly tourism. However, you will never experience anything like it. Even though it’s touristy, the landscape is special and you won’t feel mobbed by crowds, except perhaps if you’re trying to take photos of the Moai at sunrise or sunset.

Getting Around / Transportation

Car or tour or bicycle. There aren’t any buses or trains so you’ll have to get yourself round the island or use a tour company.


Didn’t happen. I did not experience any negotiating, anywhere. Except, possibly, if you’re using the same company for multiple tours, you might be able to get a discount.

How to Save Money

Difficult. Camping is our cheapest option, and even hostels are pricey. The island is expensive and it is what it is. If you eat a burger at the local sandwich shop in town, that’s one of the cheapest meals you’ll find, roughly $7, but there is often a long line.


Standard. Generally you should expect to leave a roughly 10% tip for everything you do. Tour guides don’t ask for a tip, but that’s up to you.

WiFi Access

Non Existant. This is NOT a place you go to be connected to technology. It’s basically impossible to find wifi unless you’re at the public plaza or one of the two stores/resturants that has it. Even then, the connection isn’t great.

SIM Cards / Cell Phone Service

Entel. I didn’t get a SIM card here, but was led to believe that Entel is the only provider that has service on Easter Island.


Mostly excellent. All toilets are Western, clean, have toilet paper and soap. 

Insects, Rodents and Reptiles

Not bad. I traveled in colder weather months and didn’t see any creepy crawlies.

Passport, Visa and Entry/Exit Rules

Easy. It’s always a good idea to check the US government website (or your country’s local government if not the US) for in-depth information as well as the embassy of embassy of Chile website or the US Government travel website. Easter Island is part of Chile so your Chilean Visa will get you into Easter Island. I traveled from Santiago without issue.

Health, Water, etc.

Excellent. I don’t drink tap water most places as a general rule of thumb because different bacteria can cause stomach issues. However, I was led to believe it was ok to drink the tap water in most places. I did brush my teeth with it and didn’t have any issues.


Breezy. Even when it’s warm, it’s an island with frequent rain and wind, so I would call it seasonably warm, at night you’ll want a sweater and a jacket.

Essentials to Pack

Umbrella, sunblock, your camera, your GoPro your sense of awe.

How to Make Friends

It will be hard not to – especially if you hitch-hike which is VERY common on the island – you’ll meet tons of people just by going outside.

What to Do and See

The Moai are a must-see. You will just be baffled and amazed and have to visit as many as time allows you! Beaches are also lovely, the crater, and just driving around the island. You might also like the caves you can hike to, the small local museum and strolling through the town center. Or for something fun, go watch the Kari Kari shows!

Where to Stay

I stayed at the Mihinoa Camping and Hostel. It’s as close to the water as you can get, beautiful sunset, and very, very budget. Camping is cheapest, then there are shared dorm rooms and private rooms. They do have cockroaches, but I think that’s something you will have to expect all over the island.

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