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Heather can help you in you use travel for transformation. Below are some of the ways she can help.  You’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire in advance of the call and you can email Heather or her assistant, Nicole, with questions you may have before scheduling.


Making the Leap

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You know you want to use travel to figure out your next steps in life, but you can’t seem to take that leap of faith and release yourself from work opportunities. Let Heather give you some guidance on how.


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You’ve made the leap, or feel ready for that step, but you’re unclear how to plan. Where should you go? How do you figure out your budget? What do you need to do that you haven’t thought of? Heather can put you on the right track.

Make Money While Traveling

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Want to make money while you travel, or spend as little as possible? Heather can help you tap into which kinds of techniques are best for you to make money on the road, and give you a strategy to get paid. (Check out her articles in!)

What Heather Can Do For You

Get a clear strategy and someone who can talk you off the ledge to follow your dreams.

Heather has over 25 years corporate experience in sales, marketing and customer service, and over 10 years Entrepreneurial experience. (Click here for testimonials.) And she’s been traveling the globe full-time since January 2018 pursuing her passion to figure out her own next steps. She brings to you her vast expertise and time on the road to help you have the best experience possible on your own journey. (Please note – Heather is not a lawyer or accountant and cannot provide you with legal or tax information.)

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