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Everything you need to begin and sustain your full-time traveling with confidence!

End the struggle keeping you from the life you dream of

You know, in your heart, that you want to travel full-time. But, your mind keeps telling you all the reasons you'd be foolish to. Money being the number one reason. 

Maybe you believe you have to wait until you retire to live this way (because you think your job is stable and this is what most people do) and counting down the years. (If it's more than 5, you may be wishing you could invent a time-machine.)

The truth is, when you understand that other people's standards of life don't have to apply to you, and that you can control your money, rather than let it control you, it opens up a new realm of possibility. A life of full-time travel is radically different than a fixed life. You know that, of course, but what you don't know is that it takes a lot less money to travel full time than it does to keep a job and a "normal life."

Money For Travel Bootcamp will change your perspective around what's possibly for your life, and give you the tools and confidence to pursue your dream instead of thinking you don't have enough money.

What is the Money For Travel Bootcamp?

It's a two-week, live, training program where you get the tools, resources, and steps to:

Shift Your Money Mindset

We'll take a look at how you've been trained to think about work and money and dramatically shift your perspective around both so you realize you can let go of your current programming.

Do A Budget Deep-Dive

Learn how to take a detailed look at your current budget and develop the skills to stay on top of your money as you travel. This will help you ensure you don't run out of money unexpectedly, and you always know how much is available to you.

Save Money Before You Leave

We'll do a deep-dive into multiple ways you can save money to build up as big a savings nest as possible. This will not only alleviate stress about money, it will connect you to how resourceful you are.

Cut Down Expenses On The Road

I'll share all the strategies I use to reduce expenses while I'm traveling, so that you understand how you can keep traveling for longer. This step alone will show you how to cut your travel budget by up to a third.

Make Money While Traveling

Curious how you can make money on the road and where to start? We'll be covering that in bootcamp! Get ideas and strategies to be able to work while you travel.

Sustain Travel For Longer

Want to be able to travel as long as you feel like it, instead of worrying that money will run out? We'll cover how to make that a real possibility. I'll show you which strategies to use when you're running ou of money, or, when you have more than you expected.

Why Join Money For Travel Bootcamp?

This bootcamp is unique and specific to people who want to travel full-time but can't figure out how to work out the finances to do it, and people already traveling, who want to keep doing it, but are struggling with money concerns. Here's an idea of why you should join us:

Proven Strategies

You'll learn strategies that are already working for full-time travelers. If they can do it, so can you!


Trade stress and anxiety about money for confidence and clarity about how you make money work for you.


Bootcamp will allow you to live the life you want, instead of the one other people push you to live.


Free yourself from depending on a corporate job the rest of your life, and do what you want!


You'll meet other people who share your dream, and you'll be able to support one another as you make your dream life a reality.

Money Lessons

Delve into money mindset and how that impacts your success traveling full time.

I signed up because I want to better understand how to have money coming in while I am traveling. Heather's presentations had easy to read visuals & easy to understand concepts. She really made me think about how & why I spent and saved my money now so that it would help me on the road later in my travels. The action guides that she provided complimented her class. Having lifetime access means i can brush up on my money skills whenever I need to!

Melissa Hawthorne

I signed up for Money for Travel Bootcamp because I was hoping to get clarity around how much money I would need before I take off, and also how to go about saving and earning money while traveling. Well, Heather delivered that and so much more! It would have taken me hours, days, months to do the research to find all the information Heather gave us, and still I wouldn't have had the real-life experience that she brings in this course. Heather showed up with an organized, thorough program that was jam-packed with ideas and tips I had never even thought about. It was quite the bang for my buck. She opened my mind to so many possibilities, so many ways to make my dream of travel become a reality. She even gave me coaching around my business that has helped me make more money, and also ideas on how I can take my business "on the road." Heather has a direct, warm way of delivering a massive amount of information. There is no fluff, just the good stuff. She will not waste your time. If you are serious about packing up and becoming a nomad, I highly recommend Money for Travel Bootcamp. You'll be blown away -- and then gone away -- in no time.

Lori Carey

I signed up for the Money for Travel Bootcamp for many reasons. I live in my tiny RV full time on my own land and travel short distances from time to time. I’m on my way to selling everything and actually hitting the road now and wanted to learn how to enjoy the journey and decrease my costs. I knew that Heather had been on this journey herself for a while now and would know how to guide me along the way. The teachings were full of great tips and information and Heather makes time to answer each of our questions and made the trainings available in categories that I could go back to if I forgot anything. This part was very valuable to me! I highly recommend this course if you are at all serious about living your passion of travel or just want to learn how to afford different lifestyle possibilities.

Kim Ingram

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Who Is This Program Suited For?

Money For Travel Bootcamp is ideal for you if :

You Want To Know How You'll Have Enough Money To Travel Full Time

You've got the dream, but do you have the dough? This training will show you how to find out, and how to put it together.

You Want To Know How You'll Have Enough Money To Travel Part Time

Perhaps you only want to travel part time, several months a year, as opposed to all year long. This training will help you too - you need the exact same strategies to sustain your trabels as well.

You Need  Ideas To Make Money While You Travel

You want to pick up work while you travel, but you're not sure what your options are. Learn here!

You Need Inspiration And Community

Even though your heart is leading you to go travel full time, most people make you think you might be crazy. They spend a lot of time talking you out of it, and what you need is to be surrounded by other people who share the same dream, are doing something about it, and know you're mind is in the right place!

You Plan To Travel Solo Or With A Partner

These strategies work whether you're traveling on your own, or with someone else.

$3,150 value

Within two weeks, you could have all that you need to understand how the finances will work out for your full-time travel plan! 

A Few Words From Some Of Heather's Clients...

I was able to tap into my emotions and examine the various parts of myself I had been unwilling to examine....Heather does a great job pointing out the positives and helped me see and appreciate parts of myself...which feels great.


Heather has a way of getting straight to the heart of the issue while still making it fun to create solutions. Her recommendations are completely personalized and her strategies get results.

rebecca morse

Heather is proactive, organized, responsive, and very reliable. She is passionate about her work and it shows! She’s an excellent leader and dedicated to helping her clients succeed.

chelsey pendock

Heather’s laser sharp inner vision helps her see right to the heart of any matter. ...Her passion for her work and her infectious can-do attitude cannot help but inspire.

PJ Hughes

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Got A Question? Here's The Answer...

What are the program dates?

As the program fills, Heather will work with participants to find the best date and time options possible. The program will kick off the week of June 14th.

What if I can't make a live call?

All calls are recorded. You'll be able to watch the replay. If you have a question, you can submit it in advance and it will be answered on the call.

What is the refund policy?

Because of the low introductory pricing, and the fact that you receive access to bonus gifts immediately, all purchases are final. There are no refunds.

I have another question not listed here. What should I do?

Send an email to Heather at heather @ She'd be happy to answer your questions!

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