In stereo!
Sailing in Guanacaste – my first trip!
A day with sloths
Ziplining in Monteverde
The final zipline cable!
Hanging Bridge in Uvita
Uvita – Whale Tail Parque Nacionale
Waterfall in Uvita and crazy jumpers!
One of the most special places I visited – a jungle in Uvita where I had a spiritual encounter. 🙂
A day on the beaches on the Carribbean side – near Puerto Viejo.
Sloth Sanctuary in Cahuita
Panama – a day on the beaches of Bocos del Toro
Rio Celeste – amazing natural waters in Costa Rica

New Video Series Announcement!

Hit the play button for more information! If you know anyone (or are someone) who qualifies to be part of the video series please CLICK HERE for the link to a questionnaire to fill out so we can get you on the show!

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An Interview With Myself – Part Two

And now, for part two of my video interview with myself! Join me for three more questions: What's the value I've gotten so far from all this travel? When does the journey end? Where am I headed next? This is also an opportunity for you! Do you have questions for...

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An Interview With Myself – Part One

  I decided to change it up and do a video blog! Join me for the first of a two part series where I tackle the questions I'm asked all the time. In today's video, I'll be discussing: 1. My favorite place 2. Solo travel and loneliness 3. Affording long term travel...

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The Hanging Bridge

On a recent walk through a small jungle, I had to cross a hanging bridge. In fact, it is the very one pictured in this photo. Though very low to the ground, it also moves, a lot. In fact, even though I was grasping the sides and walking very intentionally,...

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A Little Sloth Information

I accomplished a bucket list activity recently - seeing sloths! They are really quite amazing and move a lot faster than I expected. And I was fortunate to learn more about them. Sloths have been around for millions of years. They used to be quite large, and at that...

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Rocking the Boat

As long as I’m stepping waaaaay outside my comfort zone, I took my hotel manager’s suggestion and went sailing today. I’m really not a water person. As a young kid, I got smacked under the water at the breaking point and couldn’t find my way to the...

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