Long Term Travel – Vietnam. A Practical Guide to Self Discovery in Vietnam.

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A guide to help you choose the right destinations, get a taste of Vietnamese culture and what to expect when you travel throughout this country. This is a Digital Download, available to you immediately after checkout. Learn more…

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You’ve heard great things about Vietnam but you’re not sure where to go or what to do. This eBook will help you with some basic and in-depth information to make your planning easier.

I was delighted to discover this amazing country. I’ve compiled basic information you’ll want – maps of the country, when to go, etc., but also gone into some of the cultural differences to expect, given you some ways to decide how to pick your locations, and get the most out of finding yourself. It comes with tips about Vietnam and for the female solo travelers out there.

One of the most difficult parts of long term travel is figuring out where to go. This eBook has a series of itinerary suggestions, complete with maps showing you where they are, based on the potential ways you might best immerse yourself in a self-discovery experience.

I’ve also included tips for getting transportation and some of my favorite restaurants in Vietnam. You’ll find over 40 pages of helpful tips, ideas and thoughts on exploring Vietnam. For those of you that are wanting to make sure your time in Vietnam helps you with the process of self discovery and transformation, I’ve included some thoughts and actions that will help with your journey.

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